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Twin Hooks (DVD)
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Twin Hooks (DVD)

Twin Hooks (DVD):
The Twin Hooks are known for their diverse combat applications. This unique weapon combines the abilities of a sword, a cane and a dagger. The blade of the weapon curves back toward the bearer to form the hook. The hilt has a dagger-like spike while the hand is protected by a crescent moon shaped guard, perfect for blocking, trapping and striking. The entire weapon is made of steel. First, you will learn step-by-step instruction of the 8 basic techniques for Twin Hooks. Slow motion and reverse angles clearly reveal each movement. The complete routine is divided into 4 sections then broken down further into a total 32 movements for easy learning. Combat applications for Twin Hooks are also demonstrated.
Performed by Zhang Yen of the Jiangsu Wushu Team and All Around Youth Woman's Champion.

DVD Details:
  • 50 minutes
  • Color
  • Copyright 2004
Price: $19.95
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