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10 Best Martial Arts Movie Moments

There are plenty of memorable martial arts movie scenes. Some of them are so inspirational, they need to be pulled out of the archives and put on display. In no particular order, this is our list of the 10 best martial arts movie moments of all time:

The Matrix Reloaded Highway Scene – It is unfair how epic this scene is. A list of this magnitude would be incomplete without at least one reference to The Matrix. Creating an entire infrastructure just to film something this big is beyond cool. The fight sequences in the scene are what seal the deal, including a swordsman taking on an SUV and Morpheus fighting an agent on top of a moving freight truck.

Legend of the Drunken Master – If you never saw this one, don’t worry about it. You didn’t miss much, with the exception of a terrific session of Jackie Chan butt kicking at the end. It’s worth a search to find the clip.

Return of the Dragon – In a 9-minute fight sequence between two masters of popular martial arts, a young Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris duke it out in a giant temple while a kitten watches. Special points for martial arts apparel are awarded here, because the light versus dark sparring pants are perfect.

Kill Bill, Volume 2 – Beatrice Kiddo versus Bill in the final sequences of this film are ironic, anti climactic and heart breaking. Making your enemy’s heart explode without raising more than one hand is enough to make it on this list.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon – The duel scene between Michelle Yeoh and Ziyi Zhang features an array of weapons no one should be able to wield.

The Protector – We could rank virtually any scene Tony Jaa fights in, but this one takes the cake. In a 4-minute uncut scene, Jaa takes on an entire restaurant and wins. Additional points for martial arts apparel are awarded here as well. Jaa looks like he could go to a nice dinner afterward without changing.

Romeo Must Die – Pitting Aaliyah and Jet Li against each other was the only way to save this movie from the ranks of so many before its time. The scene was beautiful, and shear style puts it in the mix.

Equilibrium – Christian Bale fans might have missed this one, but the movie is a gem. Bale’s character pulls a gun-wielding martial arts masterpiece in a dark room in the opening sequences. The fighting style never caught on, but it gets our vote.

Bloodsport – Sure, Jean Claude Van Damme isn’t doing a lot of film work these days. The final fight scene of this one is enough for him to never work again. Few actors could capture the emotion in martial arts while balancing a serious scene like this one. Van Damme can, and we salute him.

Dragons Forever – In a serious role, Jackie Chan fights real-life legend Benny Urquidez in his final on-screen fight in this movie. The cigar-smoking lurker in the back makes things interesting.

Maybe you have your own list of ultimate martial arts movie scenes. Hopefully some of these made it on yours. The next time you see any of these films, look out for the scenes that make them remarkable!

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