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Bok Choy Toys Have A Game?!

We've been huge fans of these tiny toys for quite some time (it's true, here's proof), so when we heard that there was a game based on the popular Bok Choy toy line, we just had to check it out. After some serious digging (read: a Google search) we are happy to confirm the existence of the Bok Choy game, entitled Bok Choy Boy.

The game, playable in either your web browser or easily downloaded from the Apple App Store, is essentially a fun take on the tower defense game, complete with intriguing backstory.

Continue reading for more details on the what is surely the best casual-video-game-inspired-by-vending-machine-toys that you'll play this year (at least until the Li'l Homies game hits).

Source: Bok Choy Boy

After an interesting story setup told via motion comic styled panels, the game pretty much throws you into the action with almost no direction. Luckily the mechanics are simple enough to learn. Waves of Black Bok Choy toys appear and head for the entrance of some sort of shrine or dojo, leaving you to place 3 pre-selected Bok Choy heroes of your own as a last line of defense on the gridded tiles which serve as the area of play.

Luckily, your heroes are also imbued with elemental powers coinciding with their respective symbols (fire Bok Choys spew fire, water Bok Choys spray water, etc), which they then use to burn, drown, or otherwise decimate the encroaching enemy units.

So what makes this different from your average tower defense game? As most gamers are aware, any defensive structure can rain any amount of destruction atop its foes. But these little guys can walk while they do it. No longer do you have to suffer the painstaking planning that goes toward planting your 'tower' in the best spot possible. Since these little guys are made mobile, you can rejoice in the freedom of chasing down vile intruders that may happen to slip past your ranks.

While we didn't get to spend too much time with the game (some of us work around here, y'know?) the brief time we spent with it revealed a fun little time waster that should be easy enough for even the most casual of gamers to pick up.

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