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Brock Lesnar Returns to the WWE

The fans at Monday Night RAW may have received more than their money’s worth with a surprise visit from a past WWE Star. The staff at KarateMart.com was wondering if it would ever happen and last Monday our questions were answered.

John Cena’s Speech

John Cena spoke told a booing crowd of Monday Night RAW fans that he truly believes that the Rock is the best WWE Wrestler in history. This comes after Cena’s loss to the Rock the night before. During his speech, the crowd shouts “We want Lesnar!” over and over. Within minutes, their demands are met.

Brock Lesnar’s Return

Looking purely at how Lesnar returned on Raw, it was simple, effective, impactful, and from a fan standpoint, incredible. After Cena asked The Rock to come back out to shake his hand and congratulate him on winning at WrestleMania, Lesnar came out to an immense boom response from the crowd, came to the ring, shook Cena’s hand, delivered a F5 and kicked Cena's hat. As a fan you likely completely forgot about the returning Alberto Del Rio and Lord Tensai due to the impact of Lesnar's return.

Lesnar’s return could not have been better timed for both parties. WWE focus groups have indicated that fans want to see more names from the past and longer storylines. Nostalgia will always sell to pro wrestling fans, and who better after The Rock than the former UFC Heavyweight champion, who is still young enough and in shape enough to deliver a quality match against a guy like Cena.

With Lesnar’s return comes a series of question from both the media and fans. The internet saw a flood of articles and blogs asking things like; “Brock Lesnar Returns to WWE Wrestling; Is UFC Fake Too?” (This being one of the most extreme and far-fetched question out there.), “Will Lesnar and the Rock form a Superstar Team?” (Think of it as the Miami Heat of the WWE.), “Will there be a showdown between the Rock and Lesnar?” I am sure all of these questions will be answered soon enough, either way, Lesnars return has the potential to make the WWE into the “next big thing.”

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