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Fists of Netflix: Project A, Part II

Today marks yet another first of what will hopefully become a regular series on the martial arts blog. In the same vein as our Redbox Reviews segment, we want to present you some fun martial arts movie options to help fill your movie nights. However, rather than focus on brand-spankin'-new releases, we'll be exploring the depths of everybody's favorite movie-streaming service.

Our selections might range from solid classics to newer fare and everything in between. Whether it's filled with fantastic wire-work or insane stunts, we hope that most of these picks will hold an entertaining couple of hours for you. We'll be sure to let you know if they won't.

Today's Fists of Netflix pick: Project A: Part II

Don't fret. Mr. Chan is on the case!
The Plot:

Taking place shortly after the events of Project A: Part I, the story is centered around Dragon Ma (Chan) as a newly promoted Police Inspector assigned to clean up his appointed district. It doesn't take long for him to become embroiled in the plans of both corrupt government officials and a group of well-meaning freedom fighters.

As with most of Jackie Chan's movies, the plot is simple, the tension light-hearted, and the stunts impressive. You may not find your brain challenged by an intricately woven plot here, but what you will find are plenty of impressive displays of martial arts prowess.

It's worth noting that Chan, not content to simply don his usual hat of Star/Stuntman, also directs this film.

Don't worry Jackie, you use whatever style you want!

The Styles:

As any martial arts entertainment blog worth its salt should do when reviewing a movie, we'll take a look at the different styles you can expect to find in Project A: Part II. Unfortunately, as this is a traditional Jackie Chan movie, there's pretty much only one basic style to look out for:

  • Movie Martial Arts - Used here to describe any combination of martial arts that, while very entertaining to watch play out, are by no means a style unto themselves. In the case of most of Jackie Chan's movies, the 'style' consists of various combinations of kung fu, hapkido (Chan's first learned style), and basic acrobatics. As with most of Chan's movies, the entertainment factor comes first. Just sit back and enjoy the ride!

Next up, Jackie Chan set to star in Donald Duck: The Movie

Scenes To Jump To

Here's the part where we lay out all of the best fight scenes found in the movie, along with the time at which they show up. Trust me though, you won't have any regrets just sitting back and watching the whole movie straight through.

  • 0:03 - It' takes all of three minutes before we see some punches and kicks a-flyin'. A good sign of things to come!

  • 0:25 - After a slightly longer than usual setup to all of the players in the story, we've finally got our first big fight scene and man is it a good one! It's underdog detectives versus the well-dressed bad guys, and the action is relentless. The fight does a great job of setting the tone for the rest of the encounters in the movie, balancing the the comedy and action with a masterful touch.

  • **Quick note** You're going to be wincing on behalf of the poor stuntmen alot.

  • 0:53 - While not technically a fight scene, this brilliantly choreographed display of physical comedy is worth watching the price of admission alone. Taking place in nearly a single location and filled with one surprise after another, this absolutely hilarious sequence should be able to be appreciated by anyone with a sense of humor.

  • 1:08 - After two great examples of both martial arts action and pure physical comedy, the movie now marries the two in a brilliant fight sequence involving Dragon Ma fighting off a band of homeless pirate rabble. Did I mention he's handcuffed to a suspect the entire time?

  • 1:19 - While this fight marks the first big confrontation between our hero and the nasty villain, it may as well be considered the final fight scene. Strap in because the next 20 minutes are going to a non-stop barrage of aerial acrobatics, excruciating stunts, and a lot of people falling from really high places. It's awesome!

  • Get a brief look at what you can expect to see in this fun film!

    Final Thoughts

    If you have the extra time this weekend (or if you just aren't a huge Football fan), you'll definitely want to give Project A: Part II a look. It's a solid Chan classic that any fan of martial arts can appreciate. Don't let the fact that you may not have seen the first Project A dissuade you. What little connections referenced between the two movies are extremely easy to piece together for yourself.

    Filmed in 1987, Project A: Part II marks an interesting point Jackie's career, just before he began his transition into the more mainstream, Hollywood productions both in the U.S. and abroad. With it's amazing stunt-work and surprisingly hilarious comedy, Project A: Part II is a solid movie and absolutely worth watching.

    Final Score:

    Queue It Up!

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