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Get Over Here! ...And Watch Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode Seven

It Mortal Kombat Tuesday again and you're definitely going to want to watch this one. If you are at all a fan of a certain yellow (or blue for that matter) clad ninja assassin, then stop everything and give this a gander. You won't regret it.

So was I right or was I right? Just when I thought this series had peaked with last weeks episode, Tancharoen takes off the kid ninja arm gauntlets and serves up the most popular grudge match in Mortal Kombat history. Tell me you didn't smile when those kunai ninja darts appeared. The things that really got me with this episode were the excellent set-up and the appropriately creepy tone that sneaks in towards the end there. This is starting to look less like a web-series and more like movie that I would watch opening weekend.

For those of you that are paying attention: Sub-zero did in fact appear in this episode. At this point I am entirely convinced of my super-human ability of predicting the future, and yes, I will be hitting the track today. I'm a man of my word after all.

Someone should make a television series about me. I'd be like that girl on 'Medium' except without all the crime-solving and do-gooding. It'd be an hour of me winning random bets and blowing all the money on video games and swords. 'World's Most Handsome Man Predicting The Future For Fun' I'd call it. It would be a Fox show.

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