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How to Show Off Your Martial Arts Belts With Pride

Advancing up in the martial arts belts ranks takes dedication, discipline, and a lot of hard work. It's no wonder you would want to start showing off your belts. It's a great way to honor the martial arts style you've chosen to study. Not only that, but you get to show-case the accomplishments and skill you've worked so hard to achieve. Having the belts on display will also motivate you to see them filled with the next martial arts belts you earn.

Purchasing or even making a place to show off your belts will have to happen sooner or later. Once you've gone from the white belt and on to the next, you are going to have to decide what to do with the previous belts. Will they end up on your floor, in the closet, or beautifully displayed for all to see and enjoy?

There are several ways to effectively display your belts, so you can chose one based on your style.

1. Hang Your Martial Arts Belts Up on a Wall Mountable Belt Display

Proudly placing your martial arts belts on your wall will immediately command the attention of anyone who enters the room. Seeing such an accomplishment displayed on your wall will demonstrate your dedication and love of your sport and visitors will be awe struck.

Besides being able to display your belts in a prominent way, a wall mountable belt display is the perfect option for any small apartment or room. Hanging your belts can not only be beautiful to the eye, but can also save on precious space if you are limited.

2. Have Your Martial Arts Belts on a Free Standing Belt Display

Do you have a room or small corner dedicated to your martial arts belts? Placing a free standing belt display in this area will bring together all of your martial arts accomplishments for all to enjoy.

You have several different options to choose from, so finding a martial arts belts display that will go with the décor of the house or room is only a matter of researching online and finding the right fit for you and your space.

With the help of a free standing belt display you can show off your martial arts belts milestones from one color to the next in a classic and professional way.

3. Showcase Your Martial Arts Belts on the Coffee Table or Side Table in a Round Stacking Belt Display

If you've got very limited space to work with (an office or bedroom, for example) using a round stacking belt display to hold all of your martial arts belts is definitely the way to go. This type of display would be a great gift for an instructor or loved one that wants to showcase their karate belts in their home or office. They'll love how nice their belts look sitting on a desk or end table.

Eventually, you'll want to buy a single martial arts belt display to really show off that coveted black belt that you have spent years earning. Until then, being able to honor the accomplishments you've made through the martial arts belts rankings is important and shouldn't be thought of lightly. Decide how you'd like to showcase your belts and then either purchase a display or make one yourself. If someone you love is a martial artist, then a martial arts belt display makes for a great gift idea!

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