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KarateMart Has A Fan Page!

So many times throughout the day we are asked if there is someplace, anyplace, that our most loyal and dear customers might be able to gather and receive all of the latest KarateMart.com news as well as take advantage of some of the hottest deals we have going right now. Well we have heard your cries for help and you may fret no longer. KarateMart.com has long had a personal following on Facebook but today marks the first day of our official Facebook Fan Page.

So we really want to make this page work but for that we're going to need your help. We've always loved providing you with martial arts supplies that you you (and your wallet) can be happy with and we want to continue to do so. If there is anything at all that you would be interested in seeing at KarateMart, or any way that we could make your shopping experience more enjoyable, we would love to hear your feedback.

This is exactly why where we think the Fan Page can go a long way in helping everyone out. We want to use it as a more personal forum where we can hear back from and interact with all of our devout customers. We want to hear about about how the party you threw with the Ninja Birthday Party Pack went. We want to see videos of your best Michelangelo impressions using the Michelangelo Nunchaku you purchased from us. You get the idea. We want to make your experience with KarateMart a fun and interactive one.

So if you're already a social butterfly (or even if you're not), cruise over to the KarateMart.com Fan Page and give us a 'Like'. Or just click on 'Like' in the box up above. See, we're already making things easier for you! We'll be keeping everybody up to date on everything from the latest deals to the newest items through the Fan Page so check back and check often.

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