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Mortal Kombat: Legacy Double Feature Hits KarateMart.com Blog

It's been over a week since our last blog post and we've been kicking ourselves all day for it. Get it? Kicking? ...Martial arts? Man, I'm rusty.

At any rate, we wanted to make a peace offering for being so neglectful of you, our loyal audience. What's that you ask? Does our offering come in the form of riches? Sort of... Especially if you measure wealth in the internet currency of embedded video featuring live-action webisodes based on hyper-violent, ultra-popular fighting games.

In that case, I have made you a very, very wealthy man (or woman). Whatever. You may thank me at your leisure. Enjoy the show!

I'm kinda diggin' the animated cut-scenes, a la Kill Bill. I think it helps mask the low budget feel of the live-action scenes and keeps things from drifting into uber-cheese territory like certain other fantasy series I could name (I'm thinking of one that rhymes with 'Hercules: The Legendary Journeys'). My biggest complaint is how they made Baraka look more at home in Middle Earth than Outworld.

Oh, if only there were a benevolent soul out there that would point the way to Part Two of this episodic series! Someone kind enough, intelligent enough, and handsome enough to embed Episode 5, preferably in the same post.

Say no more my distressed friend. Say no more.

Does that satisfy your fighting fan and sai weapon needs? ...Yeah, I'm kinda disappointed with this storyline. Not enough Kombat and too much animation for this fan. If I wanted to watch an anime assassin girl fight, I'd watch Cartoon Network. I was so looking forward to seeing what they did with Mileena too. At this point I can only hope that a certain coolie hat touting thunder god shows up to set things right.

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