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New Martial Arts Books And Training DVDs Hit KarateMart.com Shelves

It's that time again! In an effort to reward you for bookmarking our blog and checking back often we wanted to make you aware of our newest books and dvds. We've always been proud of our selection of martial arts books and training dvds and these new additions are no exception. It's said that few are actually ready for the secrets contained within these valuable tomes.

So it is with great care (and some reluctance) that we make them available to you. Please, use the information you glean from these these lessons with great care. Should you seek to do harm with your new-found knowledge, we will have no choice but to banish these secrets to the four corners of the earth from whence them came, and mark them as 'Out of Stock' on our site.

There are a plethora of martial arts books out there explaining the Eastern philosophy behind sword fighting. Martial Art technique and training DVDs only scratch the surface of the mind-boggling discipline required of Kendo and Kumdo. But where do I turn if I want to fight like a Highlander? Here:

The Beginner's Guide To The Long Sword

Contained in this book is a surprisingly fascinating look into the oft-overlooked art of European swordfighting. You won't find any deep, inward-focused journeys of self-discovery here. Just a whole lotta parrying and thrusting that will have you swinging a sword faster than you can say 'Madmartigan'.

If you've already read all of the other weapon books out there, chances are you've missed this one. Which is a shame, because the next time you're defending the Shire from the forces of evil, you're gonna wish you had checked this one out. Trust me.

Advanced Explosive Kicks

Sure, your kicks may rock someone if they connect, but are they explosive? ...Tell the truth. Go on. ...That's right. Not explosive. Wait! Come back. It's okay. I know a way that they can be explosive. I promise. With this new book you'll have everything you need to take your kicks to the next level. From simple stretches to advanced sitting kicks and take-downs, this book hits on all the important fundamentals. If you're courteous in the least you'll pick up an extra chest protector for your opponents to start wearing. They're gonna need it.

Chinese Grappling

You know we like to keep it exotic and interesting here at KarateMart. Which is why we are giving you the opportunity to learn more about the ancient Chinese art "t'ien shan p'ai chin-na". Chin-whaaa? How many friends of yours would actually know what Chin-Na is? I bet you can count them on one finger. With styles like Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu hogging the limelight right now, the Chinese grappling techniques are easily overlooked. This could be all the edge you need in your next match. So pick up a copy and 'educate' your opponent on the finer points of this effective art.

Crime Survival (DVD)

If Jim Wagner and Chuck Norris got in a fight...who are we kidding, Chuck Norris would win. But Jim Wagner would surely put up one heck of a fight. Who's Jim Wagner you ask? Well how dare you. He's the man behind the hugely popular Knife Survival DVD and Handgun Survival DVD.

So who better to teach you about surviving in real-world situations than this former soldier, jailer, SWAT officer, street cop, and bodyguard? I can't think of anybody. Seriously, this guy shows you how to handle an insane number of real-life scenarios and come out on top. Are you telling me you don't want to learn how to disarm someone with a gun?

Women's Survival (DVD)

Jim Wagner is back, and this time it's for the ladies. No, that's not a tagline to a really bad B-movie. It pretty much sums up this new Jim Wagner survival dvd that is completely devoted to women. Taking its cue from many real-world situations that any woman could find herself confronted with, Jim Wagner takes you step-by-step through each one, explaining the most effective way to deal with a variety of attackers.

He even devotes an entire lesson to explaining the most effective ways to diffuse a situation before it even starts. If you're a lady looking to pick up real self-defense tips, or a guy who wants to make sure the special woman in your life knows how to handle a dangerous scenario, this video makes an invaluable investment. Foam pepper spray doesn't hurt either.

Well that about wraps it up for this edition of new and exciting martial arts supplies at KarateMart.com. But be sure you check back soon because we have some really cool new stuff coming up that should really appeal to those of us that are really just kids at heart.

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