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New Ninja Turtles Movie Problems? Leaked Script Points To Yes

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan blog TMNT, NOT TANT earlier this week claimed to have gotten their hands on a leaked copy of the script (for the reboot being led by explosion king Michael Bay) along with a cease and desist letter from Paramount Pictures. (And while something like this may easily be dismissed as just rumor, the blog has since removed all trace of the script and posted a written explanation regarding the letter)

Would Paramount really take such action if this were a completely false rumor?

Continue reading to learn some of the details concerning characters and dialogue that were gleaned from the scripts pages before its ban from the internets.

Thanks to KarateMart.com Facebook Fan James for letting us know about this latest Ninja Turtle development!

(via JoBlo.com)

What we've learned about the story so far

It features a villain whose name is Colonel Schrader. Give that one a second to sink in. His army is called 'The Foot'.

Casey Jones and April O'Neill are teenagers and dating. (So far, so awful)

The Turtles wind up in Dimension X where they learn they are actually part of a giant race of mutant turtles. (So...apparently some liberties have been taken with the original Turtle mythology, yes?)

The script featured such cunning dialogue as:

Raphael: Kung Fu? What do wel look like, cartoon Panda Bears? We're trained in Ninjutsu. And we don't just know it, we serve it for breakfast.

This would be terrible if it were dialogue from the recent Nickelodeon series, let alone a live-action reboot. Alas, I will allow the ingenious interpretations of the great Jean-Luc Picard to convey that for which I have no words:

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