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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Figures + Way Too Much Free Time = Awesomeness Overload

We can't imagine the total number of hours it would take us to create something this amazing, but boy are we glad someone tried it. Kyle Roberts, clip director and serious Turtle fan, apparently created this stop-motion masterpiece using 4,000 separate images of Ninja Turtle action figures posed amidst hand-drawn settings that mirror the entirety of the show's intro.

Of course, the real question is: What are you doing still reading? Watch! Watch the video and try not to drown on the nostalgia.

Did you remember to breathe? Yeah, we forgot too.

According to Roberts, the entire video took three months from start to finish, which is about the same amount of time it would have taken us to put the action figures down and take the first picture. The process Roberts went through to put his video together is actually pretty interesting. (Hint: When you're at the point that you're blue-screening your stop-motion fan video, you're officially worthy of a Top Fan badge).

For more details about how the video was put together and to download the Turtle theme cover song that's used, check out the Wired blog article here.

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