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Top 10 Martial Arts Costumes at KarateMart.com

With Halloween quickly approaching, we decided to make a list of the top 10 martial arts costumes you can purchase at KarateMart.com. Whether you are looking to dress up like a ninja, samurai, kung fu master, or karate kid, we've got just the costume for you! Without further adieu, here are the top 10 martial arts Halloween costumes available at KarateMart.com:

10. Samurai Warrior Costume.  Dressing in our Samurai Warrior Costume will have you looking like the real deal. The costume includes a white keikogi (top), black hakama (pant), pair of x-style zori sandals, headband and a wooden wakizashi (sword). With this package, there’s no need to purchase additional accessories.

9. Deluxe Kung Fu Costume.  The Deluxe Kung Fu Costume includes a genuine kung fu uniform, black cloth sash and a coolie hat. Yes, those are the hats that look like an upside-down straw funnel. The waist and ankles of this Chinese costume are elastic, so you’ll have room for some Halloween candy.

8. Sexy Cobra Kai Costume.  Ladies, other fighters won’t let you go unnoticed in the form-fitting Sexy Cobra Kai Costume. The costume consists of a black sleeveless vest, featuring a screen printed Cobra Kai logo on the front and back. Black karate pants and a black belt complete the outfit.

7. Cobra Kai Skeleton Costume.  Yet another inspiration from Karate Kid, the Cobra Kai Skeleton Costume will draw attention. Paint your face white (face paint included) to match the screen printed skeleton on the front and back of the black jumpsuit. This costume will look spooky under neon lights.

6. Authentic Martial Arts Uniforms.  If you want an authentic costume for Halloween, our store carries uniforms for martial arts favorites such as Judo, Kendo and Karate. You can even buy shoes and other accessories to complete the uniform.

5. Kids Karate Costume.  Your child will look like a character from a martial arts movie while wearing our kids karate costume this Halloween. This detailed costume features an authentic karate uniform that your kid could use in a martial arts class after Halloween is over!

4. Shaolin Monk Robe.  One of our most popular costumes this season will have you looking like you just stepped out of a Shaolin Temple. Our authentic Shaolin monk robe is available in either orange or grey and includes a high quality pattern-stitched top, full cut pants, over socks, elastic leg bindings, and a monk-style bag. This robe is perfect for anyone looking for a truly authentic martial arts costume!

3. Kids Ninja Costume.  All the realism of an authentic ninja uniform with the fun of kids plastic weapon accessories. This costume is perfect for any parent who is looking for a high quality costume with fun accessories that kids love.

2. Kids Kung Fu Costume.  This fantastic Halloween costume includes an authentic black kung fu uniform with white buttons and a Mandarin style hat. It looks great on young kids and will have your child looking unique at this years Halloween party.

1. Authentic Ninja Uniform.  The classic ninja costume never loses popularity! Our authentic ninja uniforms include everything you need for your next stealth mission or Halloween party.

With our selection of Halloween costumes, weapons, accessories as well as authentic uniforms, there’s no need to look any further for a costume idea. Happy Halloween!

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