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Top 5 Gifts for Martial Arts Students

If someone in your family is a martial artist, then you may feel that at times it would be easier to shop for Bill Gates than to try and find them a unique gift that they'll actually enjoy. Well hopefully this offers some relief to those of you that have been absolutely stuck for martial arts gifts ideas. The ideas listed here have been carefully selected for their uniqueness, thereby minimizing the chance that the recipient has already obtained said items. Read on to alleviate your stress the next time you're invited to a self-defense celebration.

Martial Arts Statue

The martial artist you know probably has a room or training area that has been wall-papered with martial arts posters. Whether they depict the style(s) in which they train, or famous martial arts movies, chances are, no matter how cool the poster is, you'll be fighting for real estate with dozens of others. Why not try a martial arts statue or figurine? With the tremendous selection out there today, it shouldn't be too hard to find a suitable statuette that will have them cleaning their desks and dressers just to showcase their new gift.

Vinyl Decals

In keeping with the decoration idea, why not try getting them a vinyl decal of some sort that they can stick either on their car or wall.? You'd be surprised at how easy these can be to apply and they are so unique that those aforementioned posters will quickly find a new home on another wall. You should know as well as anyone that martial artists love to display their love for their style wherever they can. So give them the chance to turn their bedroom wall or car into an expression of their art. They'll relish the chance.


Everyone loves movies. Everyone. But trouble can arise when trying to guess whether someone may already own a particular movie or not. Most everyone will go the route of trying to find a classic kung fu movie on DVD, but guess what? They already own it. They probably already own two copies of it, because it's a classic kung fu movie and at least one other person before you had the great idea first. Does this mean you shouldn't consider getting them a DVD as a gift? Absolutely not! Just try to go about it bit more creatively. Need an example? Ok. Why not get them something more along the lines of an instructional DVD that can help them hone their skills? If they're the slightest bit serious about their training, they'll be ecstatic at the idea of being able to train whenever they want. Bonus Points: Get them something that they can use in conjunction with the DVD you just bought them. For example, if you just got them a video on Nunchaku forms, throw a nice pair of nunchuks or a nunchaku case. The combinations of personalized gift packs one can put together for a martial artist are endless.

Training Gear

The great thing about items like uniforms and sparring equipment is that they are constantly wearing out from use. This makes them relatively safe bets as presents because even if the student does have it already, you can rest assured they'll be needing a replacement down the road. But again, why stop with just throwing a bow around a piece of karate gear and handing it off? People often forget how easy it can be to personalize an item whether by engraving or embroidery. While this may not work so well for something like a piece of sparring gear, it could be perfect for something like a gear bag or belt. Personalizing a practical piece of karate equipment like these is a proven way to stay in the memory of a martial arts enthusiast.


This one is almost too obvious but, like most simple ideas, it is often overlooked. What's could a martial artist possibly want more than additional chances to practice their art? Additionally, when one considers the fact that many martial artists (given the chance) take on an extra fighting style once they've grown comfortable in the style they've chosen, you are pretty much guaranteed a knock-out gift here. Even if you just get them a few classes to start, this can be an extremely welcome opportunity for a martial artists to dip their toes into that fighting style they've been curious about. Or maybe they'll realize that it's not the style for them and be glad for the chance to learn this before they invested too much time and money into it. Either way, you're going to end up looking like the real hero.

So there you have it. A distilled list of some of the most effective, memorable gifts you can get for a practitioner of the martial arts. We understand that it may be difficult to put yourself in the student's shoes when their birthday or other special occasion nears. It's our hope that this list, at the very least, offers a starting point in your quest to find a truly unique present for that martial artists you love.

If you know a martial artist that has a birthday coming up, you probably don't want to send this article to them and spoil their surprise. If,however, you are in fact a martial artist yourself, then by all means send this post to every man, woman, and child you know and then cross your fingers that one of them gets you the classes.

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