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Top 5 Underground Fight Videos

Everyone enters the martial arts for a variety of reasons. Some are attracted to the physical and mental discipline they require while others are determined to test themselves in the ultimate face-off against a living opponent.

What all of these martial artists share is the realization that one day they may have no choice but to put their skills to the test. All we can hope for is that when that day comes, someone will have the good sense to record it and upload it to the internet. Well that day is here, and luckily we've taken taken care of all the hard work and compiled a list of the Top 5. So pull up a chair, kick back, and prepare to kill some minutes. That's what the internet does best right?

WARNING The videos below depict real people in real situations. They contain graphic violence, language, or some combination of the two. They should not be viewed by children without express permission from a parent or guardian.

1. Crazy Street Fighter

Bet you thought underground street fights were just for kung fu movies didn't you? This clip shows a very talented capoeira fighter showcasing some of the graceful acrobatics of the form. Too bad for him the only thing flashier than his moves is his K.O.

2. Karate Kid vs Cholo

Someone wore out their Karate Kid VHS when they were little. Here's a tip for any of you wannabe gangsters looking to start trouble: If your victim suddenly busts out with some Shaolin Kung Fu, run!

3. Zangief Vs. School Bully

Just in case you missed the lesson behind the last clip: Don't be a bully! One minute you're dancing around the chubby kid like a sixty-pound Muhammad Ali, the next, you're stumbling over yourself because you just got power-bombed. I think this is how most UFC careers begin.

4. Taekwondo VS Street Fighter

Taekwondo aerial kicks can look impressive when pulled off correctly, but are usually considered extremely risky and are used only as a last-ditch effort of desperation...or as your opening move. You know, whatever works for you.

5. Mad TV Street Fight

This one's just for fun, but be warned, this one is probably the most offensive of them all. Although, as an educational video, this definitely shows how NOT to handle a confrontation.

We hope you liked these underground fight videos as much as we did. If you know of any other videos that we should add to this list, please let us know.

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Rene Chaput
1/7/12 - 12:27pm
Our first fight: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZqf-krmBHo

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