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Shipping to Canada Canada

Yes, that's right. KarateMart.com ships to Canada. The process is a little more complicated than with domestic orders, but we will do our best to make placing an order with us as painless as possible. If you have any questions that we have not addressed below, please contact us via email service@karatemart.com or phone 1-800-977-6928.



How does it work?
All Canadian orders must be placed over the phone and you must be 18 years or older. Call us at 1-800-977-6928 on weekdays between 8am and 5pm Arizona Time and place your order with our customer service team (In English, please. Nous ne parlons pas français). If you reach us outside of normal business hours, please leave us a voicemail with a good phone number so we can call you back.


With international orders, your shipping cost will depend on what we have to pay to ship it to you, something we won't know until we have everything packed up. This is different from the flat rate shipping typical of domestic retail orders. Our shipping ninjas will pack your order as economically as possible, weigh it, and determine the exact shipping cost. We will then call you back with the total charge and process the payment.


Can you ship weapons?
There are a few restricted items. Specifically, batons, throwing stars, and nunchaku. We also can't ship oversized items, such as the High Strength Aluminum Bo Staff or the Free Standing Wing Chun Dummy.


What about returns?
Our returns and exchange policy works exactly the same with Canadian orders. However, be forewarned that, because you are responsible for shipping costs, the process may not be worth the effort for smaller orders.