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Poly-Fiber Training Weapons & Cold Steel Practice Knives

Our line of Poly-Fiber training weapons are made from polypropylene, a military-grade, synthetic polyamide thermoplastic resin. What does all of that mean to you? It means the last practice weapon you'll ever need is waiting for you at KarateMart.com!

What is Polypropylene?

Polypropylene is a military grade plastic, commonly used to replace metal in high temperature automotive settings. Luckily, someone went and shaped it into some amazing martial arts weapons! We're proud to be able to offer you this amazing selection of training weaponry below. Our practice weapons are UV and heat stabilized. A training weapon that will never split, crack, rust, warp, or swell? Yes please! In fact, it's impervious to most elements: saltwater, sunlight, heat, or cold. Not lava, though. Keep it away from lava.

Are Your Polypropylene Weapons Only Available As Swords?

No way! Since polypropylene is as easily molded as plastic, you can find polypropylene in just about any shape you can imagine. Lucky for you, we've tracked down all of the best martial arts weapons molded from this amazing material! Need a classic martial arts training weapon like a pair of Training Kama or Karambit Training Knife? We've got it! Tired of your training bokken splitting or chipping? Grab yourself a Polypropylene Samurai Sword and never worry again! Whether you're into wushu weapons or just need to practice some serious self-defense techniques, you'll find something to add to your Wish List below!

I Have Questions About One Of Your Polypropylene Weapons. Can You Help Me?

Of course! We're always happy to help here at KarateMart.com. Whether you have a detailed question about item sizing or quantities available, we'll be happy to take a look for ourselves and give you the most accurate answer possible. any time!
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Products 1 - 24 of 35
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