Why choose KarateMart?
You have many options when you shop online for martial arts supplies, but our goal is to offer you the best value and unbelievable customer service. If you ever have any questions, please email us at Service@KarateMart.com.

Do you have a retail location?
There is a Karate-Mart retail store at 1411 W. Indian School Rd. in Phoenix, AZ. However, because the retail store is owned by a different company, they have different product offerings and prices than you'll find online at KarateMart.com.

Do you ship Internationally?
Since the start of the pandemic, we've been experiencing a lot of problems with packages shipped Internationally. Because of how many lost and damaged packages we've encountered through international shipping, we are currently not shipping outside of the United States. We are hoping that we can work with the shipping carriers and revisit the idea of shipping Internationally. When that happens, this page will give more information. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

Do you offer wholesale accounts?
Yes, we do offer wholesale accounts to martial arts instructors and school owners. For more information, please contact customer service at Service@KarateMart.com

Privacy and Security
We understand that many consumers are concerned about Internet security. KarateMart.com employs industry-leading technologies to store sensitive information and protect it while in transit over the Internet. We want you to be able to shop at KarateMart.com with complete confidence, so we use the latest 256-Bit SSL security technology to make sure of that.

Do you accept PayPal or any other methods of payment?
YES! We accept PayPal as well as all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card. It does not matter if the card is debit or credit. If you need to make special payment arrangements, please email us at service@karatemart.com. Please note that PayPal's terms of service prevent us from accepting PayPal payments for any transaction that involves weapons. We do not accept checks or money orders.

How can I earn free shipping?
Free shipping is available on all retail orders over $35.00.

How soon will my order ship?
We do our best to ship your order as quickly as possible. With the exception of weekends and shipping holidays, we try to process all orders within 1 business day. Once the order is processed it is generally shipped with 24-48 hours. Please feel free to contact us anytime to get an estimated delivery time or to check on the status of your order: Service@KarateMart.com.

How can I check the status of my order?
You can check the status of your order anytime by going to the Account page. Even if you didn't create an account when placing your order, you can still check your order status as long as you have your Order ID and shipping zip code.

What if I do not like the item I purchased?
If you are unhappy with your selection, you are welcome to exchange or return your purchased item(s). All returns must include their original packaging and tags. You are responsible for getting your unwanted items back to us. Please see our customer service page for more detailed info.

Do you offer custom services like silk screening and embroidery?
Unfortunately, we do not offer custom services at this time.

I did not receive my Confirmation Email.
This is usually caused by a spelling mistake in the email address or email filters blocking our confirmation email from getting to you. We received your order if you saw a message at the end of the checkout process that said "Thank You for Your KarateMart.com Order”. If you are concerned about whether or not we received your order, please email us at service@karatemart.com.

Why do I need to provide my billing address?
Your billing address is the address shown on your credit card billing statement. This address is required as a security measure we use for protection against fraud. Any fraudulent activity on KarateMart.com is documented and reported to law enforcement.

My Tracking Number Says "Delivered", but I don't have my package. Now What?

If your package was handled by a local post office or delivery service, the tracking information may indicate that your order has been delivered once it arrives at the local post office or delivery services facility. However, your package may still be one or two days from being delivered to your address. Please be patient. In the vast majority of cases, the tracking information has been updated early and your package should arrive soon.

If, after a few days your package still hasn't been delivered, go through the following checklist before calling customer service to make absolutely sure that your package is actually missing.

  1. Make sure no one else has accepted delivery on your behalf. Check with family members, roommates, apartment managers, building personnel, mail room, front desk, concierge or anyone else who may have accepted delivery on your behalf.
  2. Check the area surrounding the delivery location. Often, well-meaning delivery personnel will inadvertently hide a package from its intended recipient by placing it in a concealed location safe from potential thieves. Check side porches, rear entrances, in and around garages, and behind bushes or outdoor fixtures.
  3. Check Your Mailbox. Many of the packages that we send are delivered by the US post office and are placed in the normal mail receptacle. Please make sure your order isn't in your mailbox. This happens quite often.
  4. If you live in a complex where the mailboxes are grouped together, be sure to check your mailbox for the key that will open the large Parcel Locker. The Parcel Locker is almost always found attached to the smaller mailboxes. This is where you will almost always find larger packages that have been delivered by the US Postal Service.
  5. Check for a Mail Hold. Make sure that the Postal Service isn't holding your mail. If there is a mail hold attached to your name or address, your mail will not be delivered.
  6. Check for a Notice of Attempted Delivery. Make sure that there isn't a notice from the Post Office on your door, in your mail box, or P.O. Box. If you find a notice follow the directions on it to request re-delivery.
  7. Contact the carrier. If your package was sent using the post office and you have the same mail-carrier everyday, you should contact that person and find out if they have any information about your package.

If you have gone through this list and still don't have your package, please contact customer service via email at Service@KarateMart.com

What if I do not see my question here?
If you have further questions we have not addressed here please contact us via email at service@karatemart.com.