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Handheld Fighting Fans (Tessen)

Fighting fans are popular in many of the martial arts because of their beauty and unexpected ability to function as a very effective weapon. Martial art fans are more typically found in the Chinese martial arts like Kung Fu and Wushu, but are also commonly used in some of the Japanese arts where they are known as Tessen. Martial arts assassins disguised as geisha commonly used steel fans to surprise their enemies with a deadly attack. Take a look at our Steel Kung Fu Fans for an example of how beautiful and ornate a fan design can be!

Fighting fans are made from a variety of woods and metals, and usually feature beautiful designs to help distract an unsuspecting opponent. These designs were also useful in battle, when battle commanders would use Japanese war fans (gunsen, tessen, and gunbai) to signal orders to large groups of soldiers and even block arrows. Due to their weight and flexibility, Bamboo Kung Fu Fans are very popular with women or martial artists performing form demonstrations. If you're so inclined, you can even use a bamboo fan for Kitana cosplay. The heavier aluminum or steel fans are popular for practicing offensive weapon techniques and can be used for joint locks, striking, and even deflecting attacks from other kinds of weapons. KarateMart carries a variety of fighting fans, which are perfect for weapons demos, dojo decorating, or just keeping yourself cool in the summer.
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Products 1 - 7 of 7