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Martial Arts Belts and Sashes

Rank belts and sashes are an essential piece of the martial arts uniform. Martial arts belts are used to denote rank in martial art schools all over the world. Karate belts come in many different colors and color combinations. In most schools, a beginner starts out with a white karate belt and then works towards becoming a black belt, with many martial arts belt ranks in between. Many Taekwondo schools use a striped Tae Kwon Do belt to signify the halfway point to your next martial arts belt rank. There is no set order for how the rank belts are achieved, because different schools and martial arts rank them differently. This can also apply to Kung Fu schools and the order of their rank sashes.

Did you just graduate to a new rank color and need to pick up a belt? Maybe you just need to replace one that's getting a little rough around the edges. Whatever the case may be, at KarateMart.com we are proud to offer high quality level belts at great prices. Kung Fu students will also love our vibrant selection of satin Kung Fu Sashes!
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Products 1 - 14 of 14