Kung Fu Uniforms

Kung fu uniforms are different from other martial arts uniforms because of their unique "frog" button closures and constricted ankle pants. A kung fu uniform is specifically designed to allow for the fluid movements that kungfu is known for and have become increasingly popular due to their frequent use in martial arts cinema. Kungfu uniforms are also commonly used in other Chinese martial arts like Tai Chi and Wing Chun and can be made in many different materials and colors.

At KarateMart.com, you can find a high quality Chinese kung fu gi or traditional tai chi uniform at an incredible price. We also offer a very large selection of colors and styles so that you can find exactly what you need. Our team of customer service agents is ready to assist you, so if you have any questions about any of our tai chi uniforms, please contact us at 1-800-977-6928.
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Products 1 - 4 of 4