One of the most recognizable of the kobudo karate weapons, Sai are one of the first Okinawan weapons birthed from the Asian martial arts. Designed as a weapon with both offensive and defensive capabilities, Sais have proven themselves versatile in various types of engagements. In the hands of a skilled martial artist, the Sai can be used to either disarm or block an armed attacker, or defeat him with a flurry of offensive strikes. Currently, the sai remains a prominent show weapon, utilized in large martial arts demonstrations across the globe.

Shopping for the right Sai for your studies? The impressive assortment you see below has been carefully selected with all manner of martial arts skill levels considered. Looking for a reliable pair of beginner Sai that doesn't compromise on realism? Take a look at our Plastic Training Sai. Need a pair of practice Sai that will stand up to years of serious training? Our Polypropylene Training Octagon Sai are exactly what you need! Both of these offer an incredible way to perfect your Sai kata without injuring yourself or a nice pair of demo sai.

When you're ready to slip into your first pair of real metal sai, you'll find the perfect pair here! Whether you prefer the feel of the Chrome Round style or the Chrome Octagon, we know you'll find something you'll be happy with.

Having trouble finding the perfect pair of Sai or just want to hear more about a particular weapon? Contact us! Our friendly customer service staff will be more than happy to help find an answer to any questions you have.
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Products 1 - 13 of 13