Three-Section Staff

Otherwise known as a sanjiegun or "coiling dragon staff" the three-sectional staff is a Chinese weapon consisting of three wooden, foam, or metal staffs connected by metal rings, chains, or rope. The three-section staff is an extremely versatile weapon, having the advantage of being able to attack from both a short, mid, and long-range. Due to the dramatic nature of the staff, it has grown extremely popular in martial arts demonstrations.

A three sectional staff is a complex weapon, managing to be both difficult to train with, yet easy to learn. While gaining control of the weapon and understanding the recoil of the three staff sections can be very difficult, the 3 section staff does a good job of letting the user know when they have done something correctly. Thanks to the nature of the chain or rope connectors and the fluid movements demanded by this weapon, when a particular strike is performed correctly, the staff makes success clear. Conversely, when the user implements a strike poorly, the staff makes the mistake very clear.

It should be easy to see why this swiveling staff has captured the talents of so many modern martial artists. So why not try your skills at the Three Section Staff? Still have questions about Three Sectional Staves? Contact us! Our team of customer service professionals is eager to help you find the perfect martial arts weapons for you!
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Products 1 - 17 of 17