Tonfa, Tong Fa, Tuifa Martial Arts Weapons

Tonfa weapons, otherwise known as the tong fa or tuifa, are a traditional Okinawan fighting weapon used for blocking and striking. Though they are historically described as the descendent of the police baton, unlike police nightsticks, martial arts tonfas are often wielded in pairs. Commonly composed of oak, natural or hardwood, the modern tonfa is also available in rubber, foam or polypropyene.

Gripped by the handle for protection along the forearm area, or by the shaft in a technique known as tokushu-mochi that allows for the handle to be utilized as a hook - similar to attacking with a kama - or swung to strike an opponent from a slight distance, tonfas can serve as a phenomenal multi-use training tool for practice, or applied as an offensive or self-defense weapon in combat.

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Products 1 - 14 of 14