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Survival Gear

Effective survival weapons and survival tools can make all the difference when contending with the harsh wilderness or facing an emergency scenario. Used as self-defense weapons and utility tools, survival weapons are crucial pieces of survival equipment for withstanding the trials of the outdoors or a disaster situation!

Multitools and multipurpose weapons make excellent additions to a survival gear bag or an emergency kit. From the campsite to the concrete jungle, a useful survival weapon has functionality under a variety of pressing circumstances. In addition to equipping you with the abilities to build shelter, hunt for food, and perform a myriad of other campsite tasks, a survival tool also serves as a self-defense weapon for protecting yourself against wildlife or other people. For personal defense and utility, every emergency prepper or outdoorsman should carry a practical survival weapon in their bug out bag or camping gear. Whether you find yourself in up against the unforgiving forces of nature or an urban apocalypse, you'll be glad you chose to pack a survival weapon with your supplies!

Educating yourself with the proper knowledge is just as important as arming yourself with survival gear. After all, outdoor survival tools and emergency weapons are only as effective as the person wielding them. At KarateMart.com, we offer a selection of handy survival guides and manuals for preparing yourself with the knowledge you need. When disaster strikes, your survival skills will be just as in demand as your emergency survival weapon or outdoor gear!

Whether you have an upcoming camping trip, plan on living off the grid, or simply want to prepare for the unexpected, add a survival weapon to your checklist of gear. For outdoorsmen, hunters, and emergency preppers, we have the supplies and weapons you need for your survival and rescue scenarios!

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Products 1 - 7 of 7