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Staffs (Bo & Jo)

The staff is one of the most popular martial arts weapons, due to it's long range striking abilities and the beautiful spins during kata and form demonstrations. The bo staff wasn't always a weapon. It is believed that the bo originated as a tool for balancing baskets or buckets of harvested crops, water, milk, or fish across the back at one's shoulder blades. Since it was so common among poor farmers and was used so frequently, it gradually found use as a weapon.

We have a variety of bo staffs, from traditional wooden bo staffs to ones made with new materials or new designs. Our most distinctive staff is Collapsible Bo Staff (we actually have a whole line of them that you can see here. In addition to rattan staffs that use a special lightweight material that resists splintering, we also carry metal bo and jo staffs that we make right here in our Arizona warehouse. Popular training weapons like the Steel Bo Staff condition your body to use more of your strength.

We at carry a full line of high-quality staffs, whether you want shorter jo staffs (which measure around 4 feet long) or longer bo staffs that are available in five and six foot lengths. If you have any questions about the staffs we carry, don't hesitate to contact customer service and we'll help you out!
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Products 1 - 24 of 39
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