Kendo Uniforms

Kendo is the traditional Japanese art of sword fighting. Along with iaito, kendo practitioners wear specific uniforms. For kendoka, these uniforms are worn under their armor (called bogu). For iaitoka, there is no armor. Either way, you want to look professional when you're practicing with your Japanese swords, with bokken, or with shinai.

The bottom half of a kendogi is the hakama or umanori, which looks a lot like a skirt but is actually some very baggy pants designed for samurai to wear while horse riding. The top half is called the keikogi or juban shitagi and resembles the gi top you might find with a karate uniform, but with shorter sleeves. Usually for kendo, a Black Hakama and White Keikogi is standard. We also have other colors available.

Whether you are looking for a kendogi for doing real kendo or because you'd like to dress up as a samurai for Halloween or cosplay, our Kendo uniforms are durable and built to last. And, of course, don't forget to make sure you get your own Kendo Shinai.
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Products 1 - 4 of 4