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Knuckle Dusters

Punching is hard, but with fist-loading weapons you can make some pretty heavy strikes. How does it work? The secret is that knuckle dusters are made out of metal. This strong material then absorbs the normal counter force that occurs as a result of Newton's Third Law of motion. In other words, punching with a set of metal knuckles hurts your hand less than if you used your bare fist.

Because of legal restrictions, knuckledusters have received some modifications. For example, the Black Knuckle Duster has the ability to act as a belt buckle. Yes, it really works that way. Other places might call try to avoid using the term "brass knuckles" and call these paperweights. But we all know that a self-defense weapon like a set of knuckle-dusters can do more than hold down paper.
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Products 1 - 24 of 24