Martial Arts Weapons

Let's face it, one of the most popular things about the martial arts is the weaponry. Martial arts weapons can expand our training, challenge our skills, and capture the attention of any spectator with a pulse. For many of us, our love for the martial arts started with a pair of nunchaku! KarateMart.com is proud to offer you the giant selection of martial arts weapons below. Some are quite traditional, while others are unusual or hard to find. But no matter what your taste in weapons, we know you'll find something to add to your cart or wish list!

Browse through our collections of authentic Japanese weapons, traditional Chinese weapons, and kung fu weapons from all over the globe. Maybe you're after some of the more traditional karate weapons? Our selections of Kama, Tonfa, Sai, and Kung Fu Weapons are guaranteed not to disappoint!

Not ready for steel or sharpened blades? Head over to our Training Weapons and pick up a durable polymer version of your favorite bludgeoner! Into throwing? Check out our Throwing Weapons and pick up a sharp and exciting set of axes, spikes, or kunai.

You'll also find a great selection of Weapon Cases and Weapon Stands to keep your new arsenal addition safe and secure. No matter how your tastes run, we know you'll find something to spark your interest. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to give us a call because we love to help!