Blowguns seem simple at first. Why it's just a hollow tube with some pointy sticks on one end, right? Well, yes but we've gotten these ranged weapons that are more than just a simple blow tube. Decades of rigorous research in aerodynamics and materials science has allowed for blowguns made from aluminum tubes. The darts are even improved, being made from steel so that they will stick to where you blow.

The mechanism for blowpipes has been the same for quite a long time. You put the ammunition inside the hollow portion and give a sharp hearty blow. The projectile goes out the other end to wherever you've aimed it (you did aim, right?!) and hopefully sticks.

Classically, blowdarts were laced with toxins to slow down a target, probably because knocking someone or something down with little darts is pretty unlikely. Ninja assassins would incapacitate their targets with a toxin and then run in for the kill with a melee weapon like a sword.

Modern blowguns are simple to use, tough to master, and tons of fun. We have everything you need including extra darts!
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Products 1 - 9 of 9