LED Weapons

We have LED weapons that light up. That sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? But we really do have real weapons that you can use for real!

We've taken traditional martial arts weapons and modified them so that they are just as easy to use as before, but are made out of modern materials that allow them to light up in the dark. First, there are light modules that you activate with the press of a button. For example, the High-Impact LED Bo Staff (which makes a great tournament bo staff) has light modules on each end. In addition, these light up weapons are made out of durable materials. Instead of glass or acrylic, we use transparent polycarbonate, a wonder plastic that is both indestructible and super light. Some of our glow in the dark weapons, like the High-Impact LED Saber Staff also have metal parts at the handles for a cleaner look and greater grip.

You can use any of these LED weapons for real sparring. If you aren't into contact sports, the light up weapons are also perfect for low-light weapons displays and even as a costume accessory at the next convention you go to. If you do want to take your LED weapons to a conference, you should check that your convention allows you to bring weapons. You want to make sure that your convention approves of nunchucks that glow in the dark like the Deluxe LED Nunchucks.

Each of our LED weapons has 6 color options: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Fuchsia, and White. If you want two colors, then you've got to order two weapons.

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact customer service. We do our best to provide great customer service. We also ship orders out extremely quickly and offer free shipping on all orders over $35 (which includes all of these LED weapons).
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Products 1 - 15 of 15
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