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Throwing Hatchets & Axes

Welcome to KarateMart.com's wonderful world of Throwing Hatchets!

So you fancy yourself an axe thrower, eh? Well feast your eyes on the awesome selection below and add an axe or two to your shopping cart! We offer a huge selection of all sorts of these popular hacking weapons. Whether it's for throwing, showing, or surviving, we've got an axe to suit your needs.

On the hunt for a traditional tomahawk thrower? Check out our best-selling Chippewa Tomahawk or Twin Natural Wood Throwing Axes for a look at some classic throwing hatchets. Tomahawks don't get much more serious than our Cold Steel Trench Tomahawk!

If you're after some specialized zombie survival tools (and who isn't), stop by our Zombie Survival Throwing Hatchet and add a reliable weapon to the old survival kit. Need to do some serious zombie head-hunting? Our Blood Red Zombie Killer Axe was designed specifically to give the walking dead what for.

Tactical or throwing, we know you'll find an axe to love from our selection below. And don't forget to check back often! We're always adding new and exciting throwing weapons to our inventory. Also, don't forget to contact us with any questions
Products 1 - 21 of 21
Products 1 - 21 of 21