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Butterfly Knives

Butterfly knives, also called balisongs, are great martial arts weapons for those who love hidden weapons or easy-to-conceal knives. The distinct feature of butterfly knives is the handle that encloses the blade when closed and flips open with just the right flip of the wrist.

Deriving from the batangas knife of Filipino martial arts, itself a multi-purpose knife that could be used for self-defense or as a utility knife. These fan knives take a little bit of practice to do well, but you can impress your friends (or your parents) with your knife flipping abilities.

Not ready to get a flip around a sharp blade? Living in an area where balisongs are illegal. You can still train yourself with our selection of butterfly training knives like the Black Training Butterfly Knife or the Golden Butterfly Training Knife Flip knives like these are considered to be "switchblades" in some places, so be sure to check your State and local regulations before purchasing these weapons to make sure they are legal to be shipped to your area.

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Products 1 - 24 of 50
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