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Cheap Knives Everyone Should Carry

Cheap Knives Everyone Should Carry
We've seen some knives in our day, and they come in every shape, size, and material imaginable. But what makes a good knife to take with you on the regular? Which knife is going to stay with your wallet and keys and maybe your chapstick? What knife makes the cut? That really depends on personal preference, which is why there are so many different ones to choose from. If price is a big consideration for YOUR EDC knife, then check out these folders below?

First up is the Raging Skull Pocket Knife, and it comes hard out of the gate. The demonic skull handle has an excellent design of grinning bones, as well as vented vertebra down the spine of the stonewashed steel blade. It has the sharp edge, pointed tip, and even the emergency cord slicing blade at the base of the handle. It is spring assisted and even has a skull crusher spike of it's own. It's ALL about the skulls on this one!

For number two is the Urban Big Boy Stiletto, they aren't messing around with this one! These special Italian-style stiletto knives are a whopping 13 inches long, which is longer than most forearms. It feels like holding a mini sword! Made for big slices, looking cool, and stabbing through at least 6 inches of whatever, these Big Boys are ready for the big leagues. Are they the easiest to carry day to day? Probably not, but for the right person, or pirate, then they will make due somehow! (Probably with the long metal pocket clip, honestly).

Next up is the Blue Bat Wing Folding Knife, which has been on the site for a long time. That's because it has waves of popularity, and for good reason. These bat inspired dual bladed folding knives have double the trouble of a regular folding knife, and that means you got twice as many sharp edges as the next guy. And when it is all folded up, you get a metallic blue bat that could work as a makeshift throwing weapon, if you needed to smack a bad guy that was trying to run away. It won't boomerang back to you, though, we did try that.

Another great option for quite a few of you is going to be the American Flag Pocket Knife! This MASSIVE folding knife takes up a whole hand, and definitely a whole pocket, so it may be best for your utility belt, or on the workbench of your shop. Inspired by a rugged version of Old Glory, this huge oversized folding knife has an all black 420C stainless steel blade with a clip point tip, and it also has the emergency seatbelt cutting blade at the base of the handle. Not to be outdone by the Raging Skull Pocket Knife, it has a large skull breaker spike at the end as well. Choose wisely, because once you have this knife, you'll be loyal to it forever!

Another great option for you EDC junkies is the Modern Metallic Rescue Knife, and she is a 'beaut! This spring assisted folding knife as the things you need, like an extremely sharp blade, a pointed tip for slicing, an cord-cutting blade on the handle, and a long ice breaker spike with a belt clip. But she's also got a mirror finish that is clean enough to check your teeth in! This can come in handy, from the aforementioned checking of teeth, to reflecting light to your squad, to seeing it after you've dropped in on the forest floor. And maybe if your whole collection of EDC knives is black, then you'd want to change it up a bit.

Last but not least is the Forest Ranger Pocket Knife. This was everyone's favorite here at KarateMart, mostly because of the quality of this knife with the price. You just can't beat it. The manual bar latch lock is clean, the drop point 8Cr13MOV steel blade is clean, the lightly textured hunter green handle is clean, and the way it about takes off Ian's finger is clean. It's just a good overall knife that you're grandpa might actually already be carrying, and you've got to follow in his footsteps. Not the biggest, meanest, or cheapest, but this knife has everything you need and nothing you don't.

Watch as Ian and Amanda show off these great knives, and then browse through our selection to see tons of knives that weren't featured. Enjoy a limited time coupon code, but always keep checking back for more great pocket and folding knives in our collection!

(As always: don't try this at home, this was performed by professionals, and we've given Ian a stern talking to about hurting himself on camera again.)

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