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The Scorpion Chain Dart and Other Wild Chained Weapons

The Scorpion Chain Dart and Other Wild Chained Weapons
What happens when you add a solid steel spike to a long metal chain? You get the perfect weapon for domination and destruction! Chained weapons have been used through the ages for a variety of tasks, with a wide variety of designs, creating a vast variety of chaos. Because chains have been available in most cultures, it just makes sense that different groups of people would create different weapons with it. That all being said, time to watch DJ show off some chains this week!

First up is a classic weapon that you've seen in comics, ninja films, and any fight choreography with kung fu. The Double Steel Ball Bola is similar to a manriki-gusari, but with huge balls instead of hexagon-chiseled shapes. We don't know if there is too much of a difference besides the ends and the cultures who used them. The gusaris were an eastern Asian weapon while the bola had more Anglo-Euro roots, where it was traditionally used to tangle the legs of horses. This steel version comes with a carrying case, and a serious set of balls (no kidding).

It is also available in a triple.

Next up is the Scorpion Chain Dart, which will offer a sting to your enemies the likes of they have never seen! The solid steel tip is incredibly pointed, and the handle is crafted from a lightweight yet sturdy aluminum. The chain allows you to reach about 5 feet beyond your normal fits, giving you the range and distance you need to win. It's a wild weapon to see in the modern age, but no one is going to mess with a scorpion tail of this size!

Actually, at Kombativ, you can get the Scorpion Tail, which has a much larger spike on it!

Last up is the Aluminum Manriki-Gusari, which is also available over at Kombativ. This contemporary take on the ancient throwing weapon is a great example of innovation melding with tradition. The handles are about 6 inches long and have a machined diamond pattern that provides an excellent grip. The chain for this classical weapon is about 28 inches long, which makes it much less that the Scorpion Dart, but much longer than a pair of nunchaku. That means you'll have a good reach, but you'll have to practice more to make sure you can attack someone else without accidently attacking yourself.

(If you are truly a beginner, might we suggest the Foam Practice Manriki-Gusari)

The Modern Ninja does an excellent job displaying and demonstrating this week's pack of wild chained weapons! He is, of course, a professional, and you should take all of the cautions and then some when practicing at home. Cheers, and enjoy this week's video!

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