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INSANE Weapons and New Self-Defense Tools

INSANE Weapons and New Self-Defense Tools
Ready for something crazy? How about something a bit off their rocker? What about a twisted, discombobulated, and utterly INSANE set of weapons?! Well, we've sent DJ, or the Modern Ninja, another batch of weapons that will most certainly turn heads and attract some eye balls. They can be used for self-defense, sure, or they could be used to take on a small army and probably win. Yes, even the Kubotan Flashlight Pen, because it is mightier than a sword!

Well, maybe not, but the Kubotan Pen Flashlight is going to keep you safe from harm when you don't have the time or energy to carry around anything larger. These sturdy pens have an aluminum housing, a bluish white LED flashlight, and an actual ball point tip. So you can write notes to your enemies before you find them and destroy them. Or just make a grocery list, because even assassins have to eat!

Another great personal protection weapon is the Stealth Combat Grenade Knuckles. This hunk of metal has been expertly shaped into a grenade, complete with an aesthetic pull-pin for that realistic look. Other than that, you'll get a solid set of knuckles that are as explosive as their shape! Well, you have to add the firepower! These kinds of fist loading weapons are always extremely popular, so make sure to grab yours before they are gone.

Next up is some seriously insane business, in the form of the Hidden Twisted Blade Baton. This tactical stick is a solid slugger that is great for compliance, but it has a super secret that is twisted. Literally, a twisted blade, just like you'd expect with a name like that. This triple-edged steel dagger is no-nonsense, and has a vented center just for letting more matter get stirred up. These tactical twisted blades are going to keep you safe just by confidence alone, because you just need to show it off to keep people from trying to mess with you. Or slip it into the baton case and use it as a striking weapon. That will also help people social distance from you.

Lastly, watch DJ show off the Midnight Assassin Throwing Axe and demonstrate his skills! You can chop up close or from a distance with this one! The double-sided edges of this 440 stainless steel axe are extremely, and we mean EXTREMELY sharp. It will be a tough job for that sheath to contain this double blade axe, so maybe you just take it out and keep throwing it so you never have to put it away! The handle is wrapped with black paracord, the top and base have spikes of their own, and the bearded axe blades have a bite that will make anyone close to you pay attention. The blades are so sharp, they are literally insane!

As always, thanks for checking out this week's video! And as always, watch and enjoy, but don't try this at home. The Modern DJ is a well-versed and trained martial artist.

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