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Throwing Weapons

Throwing weapons are fun and a great way to hone your hand-eye coordination. From the most serious martial artist to the weapon enthusiast with a modest backyard throwing target area, everyone smiles when they get their hands on a throwing weapon!

At KarateMart.com, we've made it a top priority to provide our customers with a large, high-quality selection of throwing weapons suitable for all manner of skill levels and interests. Which category do you fit in?

The Traditionalist - Weapon of Choice: Throwing Knives

Are you a fan of the classics? Maybe you just love the thought of mastering a technical weapon like the throwing knife? The movies make it all seem so easy. Just a few flicks of the wrist (overhand or underhand, it doesn't matter), and you'll be pinning flies to the wall in no time, right? Well...it may not be that easy to master the throwing knife, but for those of you dead-set on dialing in that perfect knife throw, we've got one heck of a selection. Just starting out in the throwing knife hobby? Take a look at our Blackwater Throwing Knife Set, which is a popular starting point for many of our customers. Our Throwing Knife Guide can be the perfect add-on to your order as well! How about a knife set to really test your technique? Our Two-Toned Tomahawk Throwers are a great place to start! Whatever your skill level, we know you'll find the perfect throwing knives to train with.

The Ninja Warrior - Weapon of Choice: Throwing Spikes and Ninja Stars

Fancy yourself a ninja? Do you think nothing is cooler than being able to hurl a handful of shuriken into an unsuspecting target poster and then follow that up with a flurry of deadly-accurate ninja spikes? Well, good sir or madam, you need to take a look at our ninja star and throwing spike offerings! Looking for your traditional ninja star? Our 6 Point Silver Throwing Stars are one of our most popular sellers. How about something a little more exotic? Our Tasseled Ninja Throwing Spikes give you not one, but THREE spikes of throwing for one great price! See you in the shadows!

The Fantasy Fan - Weapon of Choice: Throwing Hatchets

Do your favorite weapons usually pair nicely with a set of full armor? Do you sometimes wear chain-mail under your work shirt just in case? Have you ever taken an arrow to the knee? If so, you'll want to make haste to our awesome assortment of throwing axes and tomahawks! Looking for a more traditional throwing axe? Our Black Ronin Throwing Tomahawk is just what you want! Many of our hatchets can even double as camping and survival tools, making them awesome AND practical!

Whatever your pleasure, we know you'll find something that plays your strengths and interests. If you have any questions regarding sizing, quantity, or even just some throwing tips, we'll be glad to help! Just contact us and one of our friendly customer service representatives will be happy to help!
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Products 169 - 192 of 218
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