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Quickly Learn How To Throw Knives, Axes, Spikes, Cards & Stars!

Quickly Learn How To Throw Knives, Axes, Spikes, Cards & Stars!
This week for Weapons Wednesday, we went into the warehouse to see our our newest and most popular throwing weapons. Not only that, but I also showed off my favorite ways to throw them that can help you learn how to throw them within a short amount of time. Check out our video to see which throwing weapons we showed off as well as how to quickly learn how to throw them.

The first throwing weapon that I reviewed and explained how to throw were axes. Amanda first chose the Golden Throwing Axe Set. This set of two axes are constructed out of stainless steel with a gold finish. It also has the added benefit of having a sharp pointed spike on the back so you have double the chances of sticking them to your target. These are the perfect throwing axes for using in the woods since they will be so easy to find. See the video to see how beautiful they are!

The second throwing axe set that we showed off is the Modern Throwing Axe Set. I was so excited to test out this throwing axe set again! They have the perfect balance and a reclining axe head shape that is perfect for any axe thrower, new or old. The the venting within the axe assists with the center balance of these weapons and come with a case so you can keep them alongside you during travel and use. Check out the video to see how to throw these!

We followed up the throwing axe for another favorite of mine, the Ninja Throwing Spikes with Tassels. Throwing spikes may sound difficult to for a beginner, but my method of throwing them will help anyone learn to throw them quickly. These specific throwing spikes are made out of a stainless steel with a black finish, so it makes them much easier to make your target. The bright red tassels also make them easy to find if you do not stick them on your first try. Look at the video to learn how to throw this throwing spike set.

Next, we went to our throwing star room in order to see the Dragon Phoenix Ninja Stars. Ever since we got these throwing stars, I wanted to see how well they were able to throw. With their stainless steel design and pinwheel shape, there are not many throwing cards that look like these. The printed design made them a bit more difficult to throw, but overall they are a solid set of throwing stars. Be sure to watch the video to see my review of them.

The fifth throwing weapon that we reviewed ended up being three similar sets, the Black Ninja Shuriken Set, the Silver Ninja Shuriken Set, and the Titanium Finish Ninja Shuriken Set. These 7 point throwing stars have such a great look to them, I could not wait to show off how to throw these. Made with 1065 German Surgical Steel, the 4 inch diameter stars are a perfect additional to a throwing star enthusiast. The sleek black, reflective silver and vibrant titanium finish come with a heavy duty case so you can keep them on you at all times. View the video to see how easy they are to throw!

After the throwing stars, we tested out the Black Scorpion Throwing Knives and the Red Scorpion Throwing Knives. I was highly impressed with the length and the center balance of these throwing knives. Smaller throwing knives are not my favorite, so these having an approximate length of 9 inches and a weight of 3.2 ounces made these much easier to throwing compared to other throwing knives. For me, the easiest way to throw these knives is the military half spin method. If you would like to learn other throwing knife techniques, then we also have the The Complete Knife Throwing Guide that can help with that. See the video to learn my favorite throwing knife technique.

Lastly, we showed off our Ninja Throwing Card Set. I love throwing cards, but they are also the most difficult to throw compared to the other throwing weapons we reviewed. The five card set have lovely ninja designs along with kanji on each card. With the very reflected 1065 German Surgical Steel, it would be easy to find in any throwing weapon situation. Even though throwing cards seem to have a very detailed technique, my simple explanation will help you learn how to throw these much faster than on your own. Check out the video to learn how to throw these cards!

Here's the video:

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