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Foam Nunchuck Lesson (and Rampage)

Foam Nunchuck Lesson (and Rampage)

It is said that one learns best by doing. That's what Products Guy Ian and Corbin the Formal Ninja, decided to do to with nunchucks. What could go wrong? 

Both Ian and Corbin know their chucks. Ian has an intimate knowledge of nunchucks through his years of manufacturing. Corbin's dedication to accurate product descriptions has given him a keen understanding of all our martial arts weapons. However, neither team member is a user of nunchucks, per se. This is why they decided to start nunchaku training with padded foam nunchaku. This way, both of them can tell anyone who asks that, yes, they do use nunchucks.

Watch the video below to see how their first session went:



You can see the foam nunchucks in the links below:


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