Collapsible Bo Staff

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Collapsible Bo Staff

Starting At $134.95
4.86 Star(s) (59 Reviews)

The one and only metal bo staff that extends from 22" to a full five feet. This double-ended extendable bo staff is perfect for training and demonstrations. Yes, it's the Collapsible Bo Staff!

How do you open this technical wonder? The patent-pending design features special telescoping compression fittings that extend out of both ends when you flick your wrist. That is, flick your wrist while you're holding the staff. The centripetal force locks the ends into place and you're ready to move and swing.

Wondering how to close this extendable bo staff? It's simple, really. Just hit one end straight on into a hard surface. A special internal mechanism will keep the end locked inside the handle until you use centripetal force to expand it again. Collapse both ends and you've turned a five foot bo staff into a 22" storable version. It may seem like magic, but it's science. And metal.

The telescopic bo staff is more than just metal, though. Its rubberized grip features a diamond pattern that gives you both comfort and an unbreakable hold during bojutsu demonstrations and bo staff training. This collapsible staff won't fly out of your hands... unless you want it to. On top of the awesome power of a telescoping bo staff, this martial arts training weapon is also a tapered bo staff, with thinner extensions connected to metal endcaps, giving our expandable staves extra speed and extra bite.

Perfect for practicing your bo staff skills and showing off your kata to all your friends, KarateMart's Collapsible Bo Staff provides a one-of-a-kind martial arts weapon experience. We've honed this extendable bo staff to ensure that the internal magnets are stable and the telescoping pieces are durable. We've also modified the design to allow just one of the two ends to remain open while the other stays closed so that you can practice with one end collapsed and the other expanded.

Whether you really like the telescoping action as a cool feature on a bo staff or you like the ability to collapse and store your portable bo staff for your next cross-country flight, the retractable bo staff needs to find itself in your cart and in your hand. Only then will you truly discover how fun a bo can really be!

Not seeing the quantity that you're looking for? We work closely with the manufacturer and we are able to fulfill large order very quickly. Contact customer service via email at service@karatemart.com or by phone at 1-800-977-6928 for further assistance.

Collapsible Bo Staff Highlights:

  • Steel Construction - Sturdy design for training!
  • Rubber Diamond-Pattern Handle - Keep a tight grip during intense exercises!
  • Color: Black
  • Metal Caps on the Ends for Extra Bite
  • Unique Extendable Design - Opens up from two ends into a solid training staff!
  • Patent Pending Design
  • Made in the USA by Kombativ
  • Optional: Our custom Weapons Case built specifically for the Collapsible Bo Staff

Extendable Bo Staff Dimensions:

  • Length (Collapsed): 22" (approx.)
  • Length (Opened): 60" (approx.)
  • Weight: 2 lbs 12 oz (approx.)
  • Approximate Diameter: 1/4" the ends and 1 1/2" in the center

Please check your State and local regulations before purchasing this weapon to make sure it is legal to be shipped to your area.

  • We Ship Fast! Most orders ship within the same day (excluding weekends & holidays).
  • Free Shipping on Orders Over $35
  • $6.95 Flat-Rate Shipping on Orders Under $35
  • California Consumers:
     WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/
  • Questions? Email service@karatemart.com
5 star review
"Durable, heavy and exactly what you’re looking for when shopping for a collapsible staff, this will give you a superhero feel while also very concealable. It can pack a punch, collapses easily and stays extended easily. This staff is the perfect pick for anybody looking to take Bo or general staff training to a professional and concealed way for self defense, Amanda Riggs with Karatemart responded prompt efficiently and had great communication skills. I feel my needs were met fully and will be shopping from here with any future custom/durable martial arts weapon's. Thanks guys!"
Written By: dillon -Lysiun._motivations IG
2/23/24 - 1:40pm
5 star review
"Whoah.This is one of the best things you can have. Feels like my master has gifted me responsibility with great power. Feels like I'm the last Avatar. Feels like people look up to me now. Feels... like I might be in charge of this village someday lmao. With that being said this is an amazing product. Looking foward for more goodies."
Written By: XZero
4/1/23 - 9:42am
5 star review
"5 Stars for this collapsible bo staff! I love it! This tool is darn near perfect. There's one enhancement I'd like to suggest that, in my opinion, would make it perfect: A stealthier way to collapse the staff. I don't know how it would work. Perhaps multiple small buttons or something you press together while making a specific movement to retract the arms or something. Not sure. The current way to retract the arms of the staff, is a bit too loud and if you need to be able to quietly case it so you can quickly swim or climb something, and without giving away your current location, you can't. But, the grips, the weight, the build quality, the speed, the power, the design style of this weapon -- all quite superb! I absolutely love it!"
Written By: J
11/18/22 - 7:22am
5 star review
"I love this staff so much. The grip, weight, and sturdiness has enhanced my combat skilled and this staff has defended me against many people. My only complaint is that the ends of the staff become loose. I am worried they fight fall off eventually, but I guess I wont know til that happens."
Written By: Donovin
6/18/22 - 9:26pm
5 star review
"I have the first generation version of this staff I got from you, and it still works perfectly, just like the first day I received it."
Written By: Jordan
7/4/21 - 1:09am
5 star review
"Amazing customer service from start to finish, Amanda went above and beyond to answer all my questions. This bo staff is every thing advertised was a still loose when first started practicing but after a bit of use it locks up and collapses perfectly!!! Delivered to the UK in like 5 days can’t recommend this product or company highly enough thanks again guys Matt"
Written By: Matthew
5/4/21 - 10:15am
5 star review
"Initially a problem with the order. Karatemart made it right. Quick, Fast and in a hurry. So buy with confidence. Plenty already said about quality. All true. Finally a bo staff to be carried. No need to leave at home in fear of looking like Moses roaming the streets."
Written By: Chief
12/27/20 - 3:04pm
4 star review
"This bo staff was awesome when I first got it but after some time the magnet that holds it close lost its magnetism so the bone no longer stays collapsed also with the rubber grip if you try to quickly dry it from the current case it gets caught up. <br /><br /> <b>KarateMart Response:</b> <i>Thank you so much for your order! It looks like you purchased your Collapsible Bo Staff back in 2015. Since then, we have released at least 3 new versions of this product that have fixed the problem you are referring to.</i>"
Written By: Rikimaru
11/25/20 - 11:32pm
5 star review
"Great Product! I highly recommend."
Written By: Amelie
11/11/20 - 11:07am
4 star review
"When I first got it it kept getting jammed but after having it for a bit it’s better now I Really like it just be careful not to pinch your hands in the ends :)"
Written By: Race
8/30/20 - 6:09pm
5 star review
"This Bo Staff is awesome! It works great, Looks cool and feels good. Its weighed out really nice and feels comfortable during practice. My experience with Karatemart has been very positive! Thanks guys!"
Written By: Bryson
10/15/19 - 5:02pm
5 star review
"I’m not sure what I expected but was very surprised to find the bo staff could be extended at the flick of a wrist. The grip is awesome. These days it is not often you order something and what you received exceeds expectation. In addition, they ship the item extremely fast. Good product, good price, fast shipping and good customer service so what more can you possibly ask for :-)"
Written By: Mack
4/11/19 - 8:43pm
5 star review
"This thing is pretty darn awesome. It definitely feels sturdy enough for self defense and sparring and is nicely weighted.i haven't gone around banging it on trees and don't plan to, but most staves can't handle that anyway. It's a nice length (about 5 feet) and stands maybe under 2 when collapsed. The grip is neat too. The only thing I have trouble with is closing it, but that's actually good because that means it won't fail you if you actually need it"
Written By: Miguel B
12/5/18 - 3:51pm
5 star review
"This is the Bo staff I have been looking for. I watch Arrow and one of the actors uses it as her weapon, I have been looking for it for awhile after that. The only thing that would be better if they detached from one another like on the show. I will tell all my friends about this. I am a small weapons store owner Brass Knuckles & More and will be buying more of these in the future."
Written By: H-Dawg
8/13/18 - 11:48am
5 star review
"Coolest and most functional staff ive ever used. Customer sevices and shipping was outstanding will buy from here again."
Written By: Flipz
5/31/18 - 4:19am
5 star review
"This thing is so legit I'll even bring it to my friends house to show it off or train stuff with it or break stuff;)"
Written By: Zapper8882
3/17/18 - 11:28pm
5 star review
"Absolutely amazing! I’m a collector and my hobby is training with a variety of different weapons and this is nearly at the top of my list in terms of usefulness! I’ve had it for three months and the variety of ways you can use it is simply astonishing! I would recommend this to anyone who practices martial arts of any form! All in All, it is the best staff I’ve seen in all my years! The man or woman who designed this is a saint on earth!"
Written By: Ryland Steinert
3/4/18 - 11:12am
5 star review
"Beautiful work of art. Wonderful weapon for safe home protection. Thank you guys"
Written By: Skylar
2/24/18 - 5:16pm
5 star review
"Just came in todays mail!! :) only had a few minutes to use it but so far it’s awesome!! And the sound it makes when you flip it open it’s just awesome!! Thanks KarateMart"
Written By: Jesse Perkins
2/16/18 - 9:13am
5 star review
"As had been mentioned, this is a great quality weapon. I found the diamond-patterned grip pretty abrasive on my hands, so I wrapped it in black leather bicycle grip tape. I like it even better now, feels great in my hands, and think it looks great."
Written By: steve
1/20/18 - 3:37pm
4 star review
"Love this thing right out of the box good weight and sturdy. It extends easily but not so easily that it is just falling out, the reason I am giving it 4 stars and not 5 is that it is not perfectly straight when put on a flat surface you can tell that it is bent, but the bend is directly in the middle so it doesn’t impair the extension and collapse feature. Over all it’s sturdy and I love it"
Written By: Adam
12/1/17 - 12:58pm
5 star review
"Great product and even better custom service! Would love to see if they could find a way to make this detachable! Hands down great weapon!"
Written By: William
11/11/17 - 12:36pm
5 star review
"I have the fist gen design very durable and easy to use personally would have preferred a 6ft version fast shipping and great service"
Written By: gojuchrisa
10/29/17 - 7:54am
5 star review
"I received this staff about two months ago so I have had some time to put it to use and let me tell you this thing is the real deal. If you are looking for an extremely durable yet easily transportable staff then look no further. I would hate to be on the receiving end of this staff. If you ever get in a confrontation they might laugh until you flick your wrist. I give it 10 out of 5"
Written By: Cody
8/14/17 - 8:42pm
4 star review
"Great weapon! I'm very impressed with the weight and sturdiness of the weapon. The only problem one side is loose and the other side is more difficult to collapse but still s great weapon. Also the customer service is great!"
Written By: Eli
7/21/17 - 4:10pm
5 star review
"Great customer service!! First one received had a defect , contacted customer service , and had replacement in 2 days!! Very pleased with staff and service. Product exactly what my son wanted. Thank You. Will refer to friends"
Written By: Karen Weaver
6/10/17 - 8:59am
5 star review
"The staff is awesome!!! Karatemart shipped this item super fast. In five days, I recieved it. Thanks Karatemart!!!!!"
Written By: Benny Lam
6/3/17 - 10:29am
5 star review
"This weapon is prestine, and one of a kind. Props for the design of it. This weapon is no joke. Highly recommend anything from these guys, they're great!"
Written By: Chris
5/25/17 - 10:55pm
4 star review
"I just received my bo staff today and to my surprise it was much more than what I was expecting. It has a surprising amount of weight to it and could really do some damage! The extensions come out perfectly however, they don't go back in very well... that's the only reason for 4 stars instead of 5. One side is exceptionally hard to get back in while the other side is almost too loose and collapses back in on its own... On top of that the first 2 sections go in while the last gets stuck. I'm afraid to try and force it too much because I don't want to break magnets on the inside... All in all I am very pleased with the quality of every other part of this bo staff except for the colapsable extensions."
Written By: Victoria Griffith
5/25/17 - 10:39am
5 star review
"I just received my collapsible bo staff so of course I had to begin using it the minute it hit the doorstep to put it to the test.So far, it has worked flawlessly and has exceeded my expectations.I have studied the Martial Arts since my high school and college days.Now at 64 years old I have owned and built many a bo staff.However,I was always on the lookout for a good, affordable, and portable staff to use at home and on the road in my travels.Finally,at long last,I found one and this is it.THIS IS NOT A TOY.It is a well-constructed,well-balanced,sturdy and durable piece of hardware.The steel construction gives it weight so being careful at first is a must,but the diamond textured rubber grip makes control a breeze.Shipping was,as advertised,lightning fast.(whew! two days) Well packaged with a personal thank you on the box (Great Touch)I appreciated.Now I have my new favorite staff.Thanks guys at Karatemart great job. SIDENOTE: I just retired from health care after 45 years so I have seen my share of injury.This could do some DAMAGE.So if your looking for some home protection and have a working knowledge of bo staff this is what the doctor ordered.(pun intended) Thanks again."
Written By: Frank Schwartz
4/6/17 - 9:15am
5 star review
"Great product. I show people this small little baton and then with just a flick it turns into a full length no staff, me being short it is perfect size. However one thing to be cautious of is that you can't just flick your wrist you need to put some effort into it, this is not a bad thing. This is my first bo staff and I LOVE it I accidentally dropped it on a wooden bench not a single mark or scratch on the staff. Not only is it durable but it is also very good for fluid movements and actions. Due to its heavy weight it also gives you a great upper body workout, after doing 5 strikes of each type I was out of breathe. So if you are looking for a staff that is durable, nice, cool, and provides a workout then this is perfect. Not to mention you look like a badass superhero"
Written By: Jack Connolly
3/25/17 - 12:56am
5 star review
"this sh*t good lol"
Written By: zprosperr
3/24/17 - 2:31pm
4 star review
"The first one came in with a defect. One of the sides would not come out (assumed glue of some sort kept it from coming out), no matter how many times I swung it. Emailed them and they responded right away. 10/10 for the customer service, but I gave it 4/5 stars due to the inconsistency with the quality of their products. Many customers have received defects as clearly seen from other reviews. I can't bag on this company too much though, because of the fantastic service. Thank you."
Written By: ザック
3/12/17 - 12:45pm
5 star review
"Desidero aquistare il collapsible bo staff"
3/7/17 - 11:04am
5 star review
"This staff is awesome! Looks cool, functions as it should, and arrived on time. Sturdy as well, well built. Packaging was on time and it said thank you on it hand written which was nice. My only recommendation would be to put the staff in its own box rather than bubble wrap."
Written By: Dorian
1/1/17 - 8:41pm
5 star review
"Purchased a pair for my boys (husband and son) for Christmas. These were their favorite gifts! Thank you for such a great product!"
Written By: Lisa H
12/27/16 - 10:28am
5 star review
"this collapsible bo staff is amazing, great for working out the arms and awesome to work on those upper lotus strikes. I saw this staff and automatically had to get one worth the money. on another note i got a defective one. but the guys are karatemart know what customer satisfaction means. I told them my problem and they sent me a new one. no questions asked. five stars on the product but 10 stars to karatemart for taking care of their customers."
Written By: Charlie Avalos
10/15/16 - 12:34am
5 star review
"Thanks Karatemart for your super fast response on the 4th.. Product is great and your service #1. Looking forward to future bussness with you. :)"
Written By: Arm
7/4/16 - 2:29pm
5 star review
"This is an awesome product! I love it"
Written By: James Bell
6/9/16 - 10:09am
5 star review
"When I first got the product, I thought of it as very high quality ; except one end was slightly bent and loose... 3 days later while spinning it I lost control of the staff and surprisingly the end that did not hit the ground was the end to fly out. I managed to put it back in with a hammer but it never became as secure as when I first bought it. However, I'd like to give karatemart a 5/5 stars for customer service ; I was contacted promptly after my complaint and got the defected staff replaced in just 4 days !! Best customer service ever ! The replacement staff is not perfectly straight either, however both ends are a lot tighter. I recommend this staff for spinning and demonstration, the very last section of the staff is its weakpoint, therefore I would not use it on a regular basis for contact training. No telescoping weapon is truly indestructible and with that said this staff is very sturdy for what it is. 4.5/5 is my overall rating for this staff."
Written By: One Punch Ninja
4/15/16 - 12:38pm
5 star review
"The collapsible bo staff is excellent, it really is. I've studied martial arts for over 13 years and it's a great product It just needs a few minor adjustments. Like for instance, the magnet inside the staff needs to be a little bit stronger. Not too much stronger, like you need to have a little bit more strength when you flick it open, like police batons, you really have to flick those out like you mean it. But other than that, the product is truly awesome, let me know if you all make the magnet inside stronger, if so I'll definitely perches another one."
Written By: D
3/26/16 - 2:42pm
5 star review
"I trained in Shorin Ryu for 10 years and one of my favorite weapons is the Bo Staff. That being said, I have to say that this is one of my favorite Bo Staffs that I have came across. It's a little shorter than what I'm use to so if you are someone who normally trains with a 6 foot Bo Staff, it might take some getting use to. It has a nice weight to it and can do some serious damage or can be used for strength training if you are more into the exhibition Bo Staff. The grip is great! I was born with amniotic band syndrome and so I don't have 4 of my fingers on my left hand and I'm able to handle this Bo Staff with ease. This Bo Staff however is geared more towards Karate and those who are more accustomed to having your grip in the center of the staff. The first Bo Staff I received was slightly bent, however, Karatemart has great customer service and replaced the Bo with a new one AND paid for return shipping. If you are a fan of the Bo Staff you will not regret this one!"
Written By: Tofutony
3/14/16 - 12:48am
5 star review
"Having never purchased a major martial arts weapon before I was initially hesitant to see if the product would be as described. I. Was. Not. Disappointed! This was quite possibly the best purchase I have made in a while. I know this is a patent pending product, but I was incredibly satisfied with the craftsmanship of the item. The diamond rubber grip makes wielding the item easy and feels secure. There is heft and weight to the staff, but it will make for a great work out item. It is also sturdily crafted. I can knock the ends back in place and I don't feel like I'm going to break it. Sometimes the ends have a hard time locking into place, but with a more forceful jerk of the wrist it slides back out and locks nicely. However, if that happens the force to unlock it is a little bit harder. Don't anticipate any kind of issues with that, but again, I feel that the construction speaks for itself. Can't wait to begin practicing with it in hopes of getting myself into better shape. Time to lose the gut and get the guns (on my arms that is.) Side note: this was by far the fastest shipping I've ever received and I was literally shocked to see my order here so fast. You've got a loyal customer now."
Written By: Nick
3/10/16 - 6:32pm
5 star review
"Awesome idea with with a pretty unique design. My only complaint would be closing it. Most of the time it closes like it's supposed to but maybe 2 out of 10 times, the second telescoping "arm" or extension doesn't close. I'm looking forward to the updated product!"
Written By: Mekhi Terry
2/26/16 - 4:24pm
5 star review
"This Bo is very solidly constructed and I can't recommend it enough, it exceeded my expectations. its also a good conversation piece."
Written By: Smoke
2/24/16 - 10:30pm
4 star review
"So far a fantastic product, especially for theatrical uses. I also use it for practicing Bo Staff Forms in general. Pros: Extends very quickly and Length is perfect for 5ft5 - 6ft+ person. Its extremely solid and not as heavy as expected. Spinning the staff feels so good, I couldn't believe it. Cons: Maybe just a plain defect of my item, Slamming one side of the staff does not close the other side completely. When extending, one side of the staff isn't always 100% tight, sometimes I would have to pull it out a tad more, which is unfortunate. Overall, I do like the staff, despite the defects. Oddly enough, I'm also not the type to do reviews either, but I felt this needed one."
Written By: SoSleepy
2/21/16 - 3:42pm
5 star review
"Been using the new staff, opening and closing, for over a couple weeks now, and that magnet problem seems to be fixed! I am getting more and more trusting of the weapon system, that it performs as it should, the more that I use it. So far so good! Good work, guys! Thanks! Ha-YA! *__-"
Written By: Brad
2/20/16 - 7:17pm
5 star review
"as a young boy I Dreamed of having something like this . I have always a Robin fan, and always wanted a Collapsible Bo staff. my dream was wished happy guy Thank you"
Written By: Milla
2/16/16 - 3:18pm
5 star review
"I just got mine today, seems pretty sturdy and isn't too heavy. I like it alot."
Written By: Shirhiro
2/9/16 - 3:23pm
5 star review
"as a martial artist, this weapon is beautiful. it's tactical and powerful. i'm using it as a primary defense weapon. great quality amazing design. well worth the 85 dollars. i so happy with it"
Written By: D'Andre Hobbs
1/28/16 - 5:52pm
5 star review
"I just got this product and from the moment I flicked it open could tell... it was my new favorite staff, it is great in every way from the grip to the smooth extension of the staff. All I could wish for is a way to clip it to a belt or on the inside of a jacket."
Written By: Taylor
1/27/16 - 4:19pm
5 star review
"I am a stick man. I love my escrima sticks best. They afford the best control and speed. You can incapacitate someone without killing them. I use a jo staff for working out and stretching. Rotating a staff with your wrist really relieves the stress and tension from lifting weights. When you place your hand on this collapsible bo staff...it is as if you are grabbing the grip on a handgun. You immediately know that this is a lethal weapon; not a toy or a work out tool. The amount of torque required to extend the telescoping arms is near perfect. You can work out or defend yourself using this staff unextended, as if it were an escrima stick, though you really can't snap it without one side extending. Some reviewers have complained about the effort required to firmly lock the staff in place. Just snap it like your life depended on it. It locks firmly in place. Collapsing it takes a little finesse, but still easy enough. Don't think of this as a tool that might theoretically wear out after 100's or 1,000's of extensions and collapses. Again, this is not a toy or a work out tool. Yes, familiarize yourself with the weight and the flow of movement required. Place this bo staff where you might need it some day. Just remember that this is a deadly weapon, and when you feel the firmness of the rubber, the well balanced weight of this staff...no one will ever have to remind you of that again."
Written By: Lickerpoet
12/22/15 - 6:26pm
5 star review
"This modern weapon of a bo staff is pretty awesome. I got it just yesterday and did some swings and spins. Easy to grasp, balance and pretty strong, but also dangerous if you get reckless with the spins. While I do recommend this to people who want to buy this if they are interested, be sure to wear gloves. The diamond rubber grip is great, but it does leave a bit of a skin burn on your hands if you hold it too tight."
Written By: Khoa
11/3/15 - 3:30pm
5 star review
"Totally awesome, I haven't got the chance to really try it out but extended it a few times and did some katas with it and I love it. I hope it's as sturdy as it seems if I ever have to use it. I'm afraid to keep opening it afraid the magnets will loose power over time hope not though"
Written By: Pyrolite1
10/10/15 - 12:46pm
4 star review
"An empowering device, well balanced and rugged. When brand new it may not always lock into place but with use and a light oil it becomes better with each use."
Written By: Steve Haidinger
9/24/15 - 1:09pm
5 star review
"To continue the review, I was seeing how tight the lock-up could be, by the simple twist/flick. It appears that it can lock up tight enough to poke a hole in someone's chest! That tight and solid!! Great! BUT, I had to slam it so hard (progressively harder and harder, carefully, until it would collapse from the "tight" lockup. I think that I loosed a magnet, or something, and that was the end of it closing and staying closed. The end remained about 3/4 inches from closing, jamming on something inside that jarred loose from that last collapsing slam. Now it is a 'walking cane' (leave that non-closing side open tightly, and the other can be extended when needed..<br /><br />So I know that if a real combat situation occurs, it can be locked up tightly enough to do some deadly poking, but the normal range is inside of that, for practice. Know how to lock it up solid, but not that solid for practice! I'd rather have an item that functions like this when I need it to. If I am alive to worry about the collapse, all is well!<br /><br />I did mention this to the company, and I got a new one in the mail in a couple days! There was no trouble and they were understanding and great people to deal with! Customer is very happy! Know your weapon! Can't wait for the 'new' ones to come out! Thanks again, and, if I have anything to add, I will.<br /><br />Still a great item. Beware the 'bashing' though. Every weapon has it's ideal range of application. I went beyond to find the 'border'. Buy from karatemart with confidence!"
Written By: nameless
9/23/15 - 2:50pm
5 star review
"This is by far my new favorite self defense weapon. It's hard, has good weight to it and has great range. Highly recommend it!"
Written By: Algie
9/21/15 - 1:21pm
5 star review
"I'd like to add this update for my review:<br /><br /> After using the expandable bo for awhile, I notice that if it does not lock up tight the first time, you are in trouble. So to make sure that it is solid like a rock, I practice giving it a good 'twisty snap'. The downside is sore wrist, or worse. It takes a toll on the wrist(s).<br /><br /> I did suggest the 'walking stick that expands into full size staff, but with the added weight, you'd have to be the Hulk to snap it out into a usably solid configuration. I'm a large guy, and if this one is problematic on the wrist (and possible lock-up), a larger and heavier one will be much more so.<br /><br /> I still love the one that I have, and am working on the wrists.<br /><br /> Also, are those buttons 'hardened steel' to withstand repeated collapsing on concrete?<br /><br /> <i>KarateMart.com Reply: Hi nameless, yep, the tips are made for repeated collapsing...on whatever hard surface you have handy, including concrete (although they'll probably get scuffed up) they are pretty tough! Glad you are enjoying your staff! We've got a solution to the 'twisty snap / hard on the wrist problem' in the works... stay tuned!</i>"
Written By: nameless
9/16/15 - 3:52am
5 star review
"I have no complaints. It all locks up very nicely and rings like a bell! That means nothing loose or cracked.<br /><br />It appears strong enough to ward off malevolent forces, but I'd have to be playing with a free one to test what it is capable of! I imagine a kinked tube and we are out of business.<br /><br /> What would it take to kink/damage the product? I don't know, and for $80, I'm not going to find out. Not knowing the limits of a 'weapon', though, means it is just window dressing, ego food, for kata, and maybe in a pinch... but not against anything hard! <br /><br />The feel is good, both closed and, zip, opened! It's worth admission just to play with it! <br /><br />What I would really like to see, is a larger version of this, 36", to be used as a cane for walking, until, zip! A full sized bo! Then one would always have your "magical stick" at hand!<br /><br />As it stands, carrying it closed, it is a 'club', illegal in most jurisdictions, and legal fully extended!<br /><br />Go figure!<br /><br />But if one used it as a cane, all legal!<br /><br />Very nice!<br /><br />Thank you! <br /><br /> <b>KarateMart.com Reply:</b><br /><br /> Hi Nameless - Thank you so much for reviewing our product. We spent a lot of time and a lot of revisions coming up with a model that should hopefully hold up to some abuse and won't become demagnetized over time. To answer your question about the durability of this product, we will be releasing a video soon (probably today) that shows us destroying something tough with it. At 3 pounds of solid steal, this thing is built for destruction! And to answer your other comment, Yes!, we are currently working on other variations of the product that include other sizes. Thank you so much for your order and we hope to see you here again in the future!"
Written By: nameless
9/11/15 - 7:35am
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