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Deadliest Throwing Weapons for Your Ninja Arsenal

Wooooosh. That's the sound of one of these deadly knives flying past your head! This week, DJ, or the Modern Ninja on Youtube, shows off some of the newest and sharpest throwing weapon sets available at KarateMart.com. Each set comes with a carrying case, and they are almost all made from an anodized stainless steel. They all have sharp as **** points and razor-sharp edges, so anything beyond that is a bonus. Could you make the bullseye with one of these throwing weapons? Check them out in the video!

Few things are as furious as a vengeful lizard, so watch out for the Dragons Fury Throwing Knives! This set of three throwing blades are INCREDIBLY sharp, and have nice textured handle, and a different color to each one. This set of steel throwing knives are great for any level of thrower, regardless if you are working towards a bullseye, or the eye of a flame-breathing iguana!

Next, DJ shows off the Professional Black Throwing Knives. He keeps it simple, because these jet black spearpoint blades are nothing but refined pain. The handles are similar to the Dragon's Fury set, but they just have a smooth finish with a single groove line down the center. Keeping it real clean and classy, as well as steel and sharp.

For the next vicious throwing weapon, The Modern Ninja breaks out the Dark Venom Kunai. This triple threat of three throwing knives is a new set to KarateMart.com, and they have been extremely popular. People love the circular end ring as well as the unique 'X' handle vents. And of course, a red-anodized spear point blade is always going to be a crowd pleaser. They are a humble size at only 7.5 inches long, but that means you'll get lot of throws in before your arms gets tired.

Last but certainly not least, we've got the Mini Arrowhead Throwing Knives. Very few throwing sets come with 6 knives in it, so it's a nice bang for your buck. But they are mini, so you'll probably want to throw a few at a time or else your enemy is just going to laugh at you. The smooth 440 stainless steel is sharpened at each tip, with vented handles for balanced weight, and a carrying case for all 6 of them. Not to be outdone, you can practice with three in each hand to may yourself even more of a threat than you already are with one hand!

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