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Kendo Shinai

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Kendo Shinai
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Kendo Shinai

Starting At $40.95
Shinai Size:
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Tired of coming away from martial arts practice with serious injuries, practitioners invented the Kendo Shinai to be a powerful alternative to wooden bokken that has the weight and balance of a real sword, but with a specialized design to reduce the chances of injury.

The shinai is made from four bamboo slats that are tied together. This bamboo kendo sword also has a leather covered handle for comfortable gripping and plastic hand guard (tsuba) to protect your fingers. This design lessens the damage even the strongest of impacts can have on practitioners. The bamboo is flexible and the slats are tied together with string, which lessens the force of a blow. This method has turned out to be so effective that bamboo swords are even used for kendo competitions.

Of course, bamboo shinai aren't just ideal for kendo. Beginners of any form of sword fighting can benefit from a lightweight bamboo practice sword that prevents serious injury while you're learning and is light enough to allow you to train in proper forms before heavier, real swords are used. This will help you learn sword techniques without actually swinging a dangerous, sharp steel sword around

The kendo shinai is the perfect practice sword and is a great choice for any kendoka martial artist. There are five sizes to choose from (as well as a mini shinai that is 21" long)

Kendo Shinai Details
  • Five sizes
  • Standard, durable bamboo slates blade tied together
  • Leather Handle Construction
  • Includes tsuba (hand guard)

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