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Crazy Electrified Weapons: Stun Guns and Stun Batons

Crazy Electrified Weapons: Stun Guns and Stun Batons
We love some shocking results. And there's nothing like hearing the snap, crackle, and pop of electricity firing through the air! This week for Weapons Wednesday, The Modern Ninja shows off some of our small, medium, and large stun guns available at KarateMart.com.

First up is the Concealed Stun Ring! This little guy really packs the punch by adding a shocking amount of electricity to an impact hit. Designed for most hands, these single finger knuckles have the battery as the palm bar, and the fire button is pretty much automatically pressed whenever you deliver a hit. It's small enough to throw into a bag or pocket for the evening, giving you a little bit extra "zap" with your self-defense knuckle duster. (We wouldn't recommend using these exclusively as a knuckle duster, as they are made of a polymer plastic that will break with a hard enough strike. But they are designed for impact, just not as much as a set of metal knuckles is.)

Up next is the Anti-Grab Stun Gun. These hand-held devices are some of the most popular items we sell, because they are well made, easy to carry, and give quite the zap when needed! What's great about this and other small stun guns is the flashlight mode, because sometimes just shining enough light will deter an attacker (if you can see their face or identifying features). A part of this stun gun that you don't see everywhere is the anti-grab bars located around the top of the device. This gives extra protection for those that are more vulnerable or may have limited mobility. With an easy to use firing button, bright flashlight, and crazy loud alarm, this stun gun is a definite winner all around!

Bringing us into the modern era is the Cell Phone Stun Gun. This stunning weapon looks just like a classic smart phone from a classic fruit company. The construction is just like that of a phone, and yet when you engage the fire button, you can give a jolt to someone who needs to get the message. These are easy to carry as they weigh next to nothing, look just like a regular phone, and won't take up much space. Now, if someone is causing trouble or getting too close for comfort, you can give out a warning shock. Now there's an app for that!

Last but far from least is the Tire Thumper Stun Baton. This massive shocking bat is great for those that don't want to mess with ANYONE. The thick shaft is designed for some impact (not near that of a wooden tire thumper), and it has a shocking top to boot. The buttons on the side control the function of the flashlight or engaging the shock device, and the safety button on the bottom must be pressed to engage the ability to shock. If you don't have the time to get the buttons worked out, then you've got the bat version of this weapon available at all times! The flashlight has a strobe and steady feature, and it comes with it's own rechargeable batters and port. Fill the batteries with zap, then take the zap with you on the road!

As always, check your local laws before purchasing any kind of weapons, as you don't want to get a talking to from the authorities. And stay safe, as we all (probably) know what a bit too much electricity feels like! Not good!

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