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Follow Our Social Media

Follow Our Social Media
You know you're scrolling instead of punching, and we get it. The internet is the place to be these days. So why not add KarateMart on all of your favorite social media platforms so you can catch the action in real time?! We have accounts that showcase our weekly Weapons Wednesday Videos, show off our new products, and funny behind the scenes footage of the inner workings of KarateMart.com.






Did you know: You can send us a photo of you using our items or wearing our uniforms, and we will post them (restrictions apply and is subject to our professional discretion). If you are punching with a set of knuckles or sporting your brand new karate gi, snap a selfie and send it over to our social media accounts, or directly to us at service@karatemart.com.

We love seeing our items in action, and of course, seeing our customer do their thang! From katanas to grappling hooks, we sell a lot of cool items, and what better way to celebrate your new hobby or fresh set of nunchaku than taking a quick video and tagging @KarateMart.

Get some positive feedback from our other viewers, and we usually will post still photos on our product page as well (again, this decision is at our discretion). And of course, check out our weekly Weapons Wednesday videos on YouTube so you don't miss any of the action!

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