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Knives So Deadly, They Should Be Banned!

Knives So Deadly, They Should Be Banned!
What?! Banned knives?! Well, you have to watch and tell us what you think! This week, watch as Ian and Amanda show off some incredibly sharp blades that all have interesting shapes and unique designs. What you use them for will determine how legal they should be, but for now, you can watch as they test them out on the wing chung dummy.

First to be demonstrated this week is the Black Ops Combat Knife. This direct and no-nonsense fighting knife is great for those who need a nimble yet razor sharp blade to trust and take with them on the go. It comes with a military-style combat sheath that can be mounted to your gear or body in many different ways, so you can access this knife however and whenever you need. It's almost like a Goldilocks size, because it's not too big or small, but just right!

Next up is the Rugged Moon Crescent Knife, which does look like it is right out of the history books! Over the eons, a crescent-style blade has been used for defensive and tactical purposes, as well as decorative and ceremonies as well. So you can pick what you use it for, just know that it has a sharp edge on each side and a pointed tip, not to mention the bone handle and leather carrying case. You will probably do a better job of slicing than Ian, just saying!

The next knife in this week's video has a bit of a bite to it. That's right, it's the Red Venom Damascus Dagger! This spear point blade is crafted with beautiful Damascus steel and has an expertly crafted handle that has meticulous attention to detail. Complete with a leather sheath for carrying around, this extremely sharp knife should really come with a warning, so consider this your warning!

Last up is an Amanda favorite! She loves the Modern Behemoth Folding Knife because of the huge blade and fact that it can fold in half! At about a pound in weight, this massive sheep's foot blade is going to be great for chopping and dicing through the forest, or a crowd of the undead, if you happen to be in that situation. It comes with a woven nylon sheath and folds up to about 7 inches, so you can tuck this bad behemoth blade away and carry it with you!

Even as they chop and saw away at the defenseless wing chung dummy, Amanda and Ian still know what they are doing (despite what Ian professes!). So take care when handling your new blades. Even when on display, a sharp steel knife is still a weapon. With that, have a great week and we'll see you next time on Weapons Wednesday! Check out the video!

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