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Tactical Apocalyptic Weapons for Your Arsenal

Tactical Apocalyptic Weapons for Your Arsenal
Have we finally gotten The Modern Ninja on an FBI watch list?! Just kidding, but this week's weapons are not for the faint of heart. In fact, they will turn heads about as much as the turn of the spiral blade that DJ is demonstrating! You've really got to check this one out!

Before things get twisted, you've got to take care of business. That means calling in the knife that is good for a poke, stab, slice, dice, or just about any cut that you can come up with. The Modern Tactical Knife is a full tang solid steel combat blade with a clean handle design and venting holes all throughout. With the modified clip point tip and jimping in all the right places, this knife will want to accompany you on whatever adventure you'll be setting off to. Complete with a stylish black leather sheath, this knife is an ideal companion for a minimalistic yet realistic tactical aficionado!

Next, it is time to put a real spin on things. The Damascus Spiral Blade Dagger is such a unique weapon that DJ is worried about ending up on a list somewhere! This swirled steel dagger is straight as an arrow, except the blade! It has a ridged grip with knurling to give you extreme control, and it comes with a genuine tan leather sheath to keep it hidden and keep you safe during transport. The history of Damascus steel is incredible, but super long and so we will sum it up to say that this kind of steel is no-nonsense and looks as cool as it gets!

Lastly for your new apocalypse arsenal this week, we've got the Rugged Combat Short Sword. It's hard to go wrong with a short sword that is crafted to be completely correct! These straight and functional swords reach about 27 inches long, and are crafted from spring steel. That means it will have some bounce and springiness to it, so it is less likely to snap or break like a brittle high carbon blade. That being said, this full tang version is about the size of a wakizashi, has a leather wrapped handle, and is a great price point for anyone looking for an epic way to trim the hedges! Not as flashy as the Damascus dagger, but this sword will not refuse to cut through whatever you need it to.

As always, we hope you enjoy the weapons, the demonstrations, and the video editing of this week's Weapons Wednesday. We look forward to bringing you quality content and high quality items each week because we love it, and we know you do too. As usual, please handle your weapons responsibly, so you can enjoy them all for a long time to come.

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