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Expendables 2: Will it be Rated R?

KarateMart.com was nothing less than excited to hear that Expendables 2 will be rated R. We have been on the edge of our computer chairs since January, hitting the refresh update every minute while we waited for the final verdict.

The Internet was on fire back in January with the rumor that Chuck Norris's involvement in the upcoming "The Expendables 2" depended on the film earning a PG-13 rating. The news stemmed from an interview Norris had with Polish entertainment news Gazeta where he claimed that he wouldn't be a part of the movie if it included all the potty language that was in the script. On January 18th, Sylvester Stallone confirmed himself that Expendables 2 would be PG-13. Following a huge outcry from fans against a PG-13 rating, market research by the studio, the website stallonezone.com posted an article where they say Stallone contacted the sit to say:

“After taking in all the odd rumors and hearsay, Expendables II is an R.”

To the fans, this comes as little surprise because the only way this movie can succeed is if Stallone & Co. are given free reign. Simply said, the more violence and cursing the better. In the second Expendables movie Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger will be expanding from their cameos in the first fill to full blown out roles. In addition to Willis and Schwarzenegger’s bigger roles, Liam Hemsworth joins the cast as a new character, Billy “The Kid” Timmons. If this is still not enough reason for you to see the movie then maybe the addition of two of the most iconic action stars in modern movie history is: Chuck Norris and Jean-Claude Can Damme have been added to an already stellar cast. Norris + Damme + More Willis + More Schwarzenegger + R Rating = Epic.

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