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Kickstarted 'Kung Fury' Premiers Today!

Kickstarted 'Kung Fury' Premiers Today!

It wasn't but just over a year ago that, armed only with the trailer below, the creative talents behind Kung Fury successfully Kick-started their film fantasies with a whopping $630,019 crowd-funded campaign that would allow them to complete their 1/2-hour short film.

Last month the team generously laid an incredible, 80's inspired music video upon the Internet's doorstep (Click through for the video). The promise of an imminent release was made. Now, today finally marks the day that the action-starved masses can be satiated with the full release of their beloved indie film.

So what's it like? On occasion, words can fail to properly convey an experience. This is such a time. You'll laugh, you'll cry, but mostly you'll laugh. Children of the 80's, ready your nostalgia buttons. We're going in.

Check out the trailer below and decide for yourself. Already on board? Continue reading to experience the final product in all its glory (plus bonus, Hoff-fueled, music video)!

Note: The trailer below features exaggerated violence, historical themes, and dinosaurs. It may not be suitable for all viewers. You have been warned. Enjoy!


Inspired by the 80's? More like marinated, battered, wrapped, and deep fried in the decade!

But what about the glorious music and subsequent videos from the Decade of Decadence? You my friend are in luck. Below you'll find the official music video for Kung Fury, complete with 80's icon David Hasslehoff. You're welcome.

Are YOU ready for some action? Good. Because below you'll find the official HD release of Kung Fury! Grab your Power Glove and turn up the neon lights, this is about to get good!

Whew! Need a minute to catch your breath? Maybe you just want to find a way to support such an amazing endeavor and possibly fund future projects? Well be sure to head over to KungFury.com and show your love martial arts action. You can even buy your own digital HD copy of the film for a completely respectable $5.00! Now you can be ready for action wherever you go!

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