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Hidden Knives and Other Concealed Weapons

Hidden Knives and Other Concealed Weapons
This week for Weapons Wednesday, the Modern Ninja is back with some excellent weapons and great choreographed fight scenes! Check out as DJ shows off these hidden blades, discusses their legality, and dives into the history of ninja weapons and Shinobi. Stick around to see each weapon get used in a live-action fight!

First up is the Concealed Wrist Spike. It doesn't get much more ninja than this! Complete with the woven nylon strap that keeps it hidden under your sleeve, this polymer spike is ready for any mission that may be quick, concealed, and require a quality weapon!

Next up is the Hunters Camo Butterfly Knife. This flapping knife has an incredibly sturdy construction that is also covered in a high quality patterned camouflaged print. It's more of the leaf print that you see on hunting apparel and gear, but hey, it's still hard to find if you drop it on the forest floor! These well-designed balisongs are not only a great way to pass some time while you're waiting in the stronghold for some deer to appear, but you'll have a handy folding knife that is very sharp for whatever you may need to cut in the meantime.

Follow that butterfly knife is the Full Tang Ninja Sword. This epic sword is not just a full tang of steel inspired by those warriors of the night, it is a sharp-as-can-be functional sword that you can just buy and have at your house. You can trim the bushes, dispatch fruit, or use it to scare the daylights out of anyone who accidently tries to come into your space uninvited.

Lastly, and not to be outdone by an assassin's sword, DJ presents and shows off the Hidden Belt Knife. This classic concealed weapon is available at KOMBATIV. It's a durable and well-crafted knife that sits just list a belt buckle would, but can provide you with a razor sharp blade the moment you need it. And no one is the wiser until you make them wise to it.

As usual, use caution when handling any weapon and always practice safety first. And it's a good idea to check your local laws before ordering any weapons to make sure they are legal in your area. Thanks for tuning in, and have a great week!

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