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Mike Tyson's Next Appearance Will Be... A Wrestling Video Game?

Come loyal KarateMart.com Blog readers. Join me as I take a short jaunt through time. When shall be our first stop? Shall we seek answers to our ages most intriguing questions. Mmmm, no. Perhaps we shall seek enlightenment via a moment of cultural, even historical significance? Getting warmer.

As you may have already guessed, our journey shall land us in the year nineteen-hundred and ninety-eight, during what could be described as the Golden Age of World Wrestling Entertainment.

Continue reading to learn why Mike Tyson will have a guest role in the next WWE video game.

(via Kotaku)

If you were a fan of the WWE in 1998 (it's okay, you can admit it here) then chances are you can strain to remember a brief moment of wrestling history that saw former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson tussle with the likes of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin in a storyline that culminated in Wrestlemania XIV.

Sadly, such moments in time are relegated to the (better?) forgotten corners of memory or the dark alleyways of our tireless record keeper, YouTube. However, come this Fall, fans of the WWE will be able to recreate their fondest Tyson memories in WWE '13.

Peep the official trailer below:

I haven't watched a show in over ten years but even I got a little excited with that last bit showing the ring collapse. Will THQ be able to pull off a solid wrestling game when WWE '13 hits shelves in November? Who knows. But one this is certain: You'll be able to play as Mike Tyson.

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